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A Decision That Should Not Be Taken Lightly: 4 Criteria for Selecting the Best Public Adjuster

There are some individuals who might not have ever heard the term “public adjuster” before, but in the event that your property or home has suffered damages, it is a profession with which you will quickly become familiar. A public adjuster, like Globe Midwest Adjusters International, is a company composed of insurance professionals. Their job […]

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What Makes a Successful Icebreaker Activity?

Ah, the icebreaker activity: An age-old classic for kicking off any group gathering, from a department meeting at work to a college class orientation. At this point, we’re all used to participating in these get-to-know-you activities. It’s second nature. But if you’ve participated in several icebreaker sessions, then you know full well they’re not always […]

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