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Four Mistakes You Should Avoid for Your eCommerce Website

More than 70 percent of consumers believe they are going to get a better deal by using the Internet to shop instead of visiting traditional stores, according to  This type of demand requires eCommerce business owners to make sure that their websites are always functioning properly without any persistent errors or issues.  There are […]

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Managing Money, Payments and Invoicing as an online seller: The key considerations

There are a number of growth industries in the age of technology, but none offer quite as much potential as e-commerce. The rate at which consumers continue to spend online is growing exponentially, with the cumulative amount invested in 2015 totaling an impressive £52.25 billion. This represents an increase of 16.2% on the previous years’ […]

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Creating a Strong, Efficient Retail Business from Home

More people than ever before are choosing to escape from the rat race and build a business from the comfort of their own home. As idyllic as this may sound, it’s no easy endeavour, and creating a strong and efficient enterprise takes grit, determination, skill, and tenacity. One of the most important determiners of success […]

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