7 Amazing Services for the Wealthy

The majority of people who work hard for their incomes and watch their dollars might find it hard to believe some of the services that are available to the wealthy and famous.  Often, something as personal as caring for a child or shopping for undergarments becomes a billable service.  Here are some of the luxuries available to those who can afford them:

Night Nannies

Imagine being a new mom and being able to sleep through the night.  It would not be because your newborn is not waking up every two to three hours for a feeding or to alert you about a dirty diaper.  It would be because there is a nanny who works the night shift and makes your job much easier.  Men and women who are hired as night nannies sit with the babies and take care of them until morning.  If they are hired by a mother who is breastfeeding, they simply take the baby to the mother’s bed for feeding during the night.  They then return the baby to the nursery once the feeding is over.  This results in more well-rested new mothers.

Doctor House Calls

Although modern medicine has generally moved away from house calls for patients, the wealthy still have access to this service.  This is an extremely important service for celebrities who want to keep personal matters away from the lenses of paparazzi or those who might run swiftly to inform the tabloids.  For the right fee, doctors will not only visit a celebrity home to deliver private care, but they can also set up an entire recovery suite complete with private nurses and other staff.

Luxury Amex Concierge for the Rich

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PRIMA Cinema Services

When the world is on the edge of the next great movie premiere in commercial theaters nationwide, PRIMA Cinema Services clients are hosting their own opening night screenings right in the comfort of their own luxurious homes.  Just as the slogan implies, this service is helping to redefine movie night for those who can afford it.  The hardware to operate this service is $35,000, and each movie ordered is $500 to $600.  There are no worries about anyone watching movies at leisure, either. Biometric security protection requires the owners to swipe their fingertips for operation.

Heated Driveways

In most cases, if you are wealthy enough to opt for a heated driveway to melt away winter snow, you are also able to afford to build a new driveway.  The installation process for the radiant floor heating system usually requires a new driveway to make sure it is installed correctly.  The cost of the heating system alone is about $7,500.  Replacing the driveway will depend on whether you choose asphalt, which can cost up to $25,000, or concrete, which costs up to about $7,000.

Fly Domestically With No Security Checks

Although most who take airline flights welcome the security checks that make their flights safer, many also dread the long lines and time delay.  Travelers who can afford their own planes or fly privately  can avoid this altogether.  They simply walk or drive right up to the plane without having to get their luggage or bodies screened.

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Amex Platinum and Black Card Concierge

The entire purpose of the American Express Platinum Card Concierge service is to do the things you do not have time to do.  They handle tasks like restaurant reservations, special event planning, or finding someone reputable to paint your house.  Although some concierge agents have admitted in online forums that they get a few outrageous requests from Platinum Card members, they rarely refuse to give people what they want.

Personal Shoppers

Concierge service such as this one sometimes calls for service providers to go beyond the normal requests.  Some companies hire expert trend watchers to work for their clients as highly engaged personal shoppers.  This could mean anything from memorizing a celebrity’s personal style and shopping for new clothes year-round to replacing a client’s broken family china.  Those who take on this job must be very connected to trendy culture, confidential about the people who pay them to shop and thick-skinned for all the times the client will likely not like what the shopper buys.  The shoppers get to make up for the hassle, though, by doing a percentage markup or hourly rate on every purchase.  For some, this makes it all worthwhile.


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