See the World for Less: Top Holiday Money-Saving Tips

When you’re booking a holiday, things have a habit of adding up and costing more than you may have hoped for. Wondering how you can spread the costs and make your money go further? Well, you’re in luck as this post takes a look at how you can save money and still have the trip of a lifetime.

Go to More Destinations for Less

Wondering how you can pack in a lot of destinations for your holiday without spending more on travel? Cruises are a great way to do this – and they’re completely possible on a budget if you choose no-frills options.

You’re basically staying in a floating hotel that will take you to new destinations as you sleep, without the hassle of finding accommodation in each stop. Bolsover Cruise Club has a lot of great deals to check out if you’re looking for a bargain.

Know When to Book Your Flights

School holidays are where tour operators make the most money on their fares which leaves families paying more to take their children out of the country. If you want to take your kids on holiday, use October half term for cheaper fares than August.

Booking well in advance is also a great way to save. The best times to travel with cheaper flights are January through to May, and the worst tend to be December, July and August.

Expert Online Booking Trips

When searching online, delete your cookies and browsing history when you’re on comparison sites as the prices will go up. Do shop around and look for inclusive options that will cover the costs of extras.

Take a look at indirect flights to your destination. Indirect flights may save you money as the cumulative cost may be lower. Layovers and stops in different countries can be a great way to break up long journeys and allow you to see more of the world.

Your Destination

If you want to spend part of your holiday swimming, it costs a lot more to get a villa, hotel or apartment with a pool. To save, pick accommodation in walking distance to the beach. Choose somewhere with WIFI to save on roaming data charges on phones or tablets and shop around for data roaming deals.

Choosing self-catered or hotel packages without meals included will give you the opportunity to try more local cuisine as well as saving you money – especially if you’re the type to miss the hotel breakfast.

With these tips, you’ll be able to holiday with a little extra left over to spend on treating yourself or your family and friends.

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