Money Soldiers is about using your money to fight… for you.

I have always loved money. I loved it when I was younger because it made me feel like I had something that made me special. I loved it when I was in school because it helped me understand the value of hard work and helped me study. I love it now because it provides food and comfort for my family.

So maybe I should say this differently. I don’t love money itself, but what it does for me.

Who Am I

I am an accountant. I look at money all day. Well I guess I use to when I was working for a fortune 50 company. I started my quest for money at a young age. As an elementary school student I remember batman and superman comic books were very popular. My brother was a great artist and use to draw superhero pictures for me in a sketch book. I took them to school one day and a friend said he would give me 2 dollars for that picture. “Sure” I said.

A light when off in my mind and that night my brother was tasked with drawing twenty more superhero pictures. They sold out the next week.

I never become rich from selling those pictures and my brother quickly got tired of drawing the same picture over and over again. But the lesson was learned, money can be made.

As a high school student I was interested in science. I loved physics and calculus. Before entering university I did a little studying about what I should major in. After careful research and combing over many different career paths related to different majors, I settled on accounting. I didn’t even know what it was at the time but I knew that it had a high chance of landing me a job after graduation and the salary would be pretty good.

Studying accounting was fun. Lots of subjects were boring and a little tough but overall I learned how money flows through businesses.

I worked as an accountant for a while then decided to take some time off to focus on family. Currently I am working part time and contributing to this blog.

Why moneysoldiers.com

Moneysoldiers.com is about money. Here you will find articles about investing, planning, saving, and budgeting. But you may also find some slightly unrelated stuff too. That happens. I am not too picky. But there is definitely a personal finance theme to all the articles.

Who is Jesse?

Most of the recent posts on the site are from my friend Jesse. She was a TV writer in a past life but now enjoys writing about her finance adventures. Some of her articles might not be super up to par (she isn’t a native English writer) so bear that in mind as you read through.

Take a look around and read a few articles. Let me know what you think by emailing me at editor(at)moneysoldiers.com. I am glad to help you with anything I can.

Our Humble Accomplishments

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I wish you the best of luck and hope that you become rich and prosperous.

Jan Ariate - October 5, 2012


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