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Lucrative Business Ideas

There’s always something brand new in store for you.  If you think you need to make a new career shift, from being the plain office boy to big time entrepreneur, now is the right time to embrace that change.  There is no time like the present.  The present has so many surprises to grab and that includes lucrative business deals.  Read on and find out what are the top businesses now that will bring you hordes of cash.

Translation Services

Although the translation service sector saw a dip in sales and demands on the eve of the recession, the present brings a promising time.  Studies conducted by IBISWorld reveal that the Internet-based clients helped pick up the demand for translators as more and more multinational firms are seeking to reach out to new countries as part of their expansion target within the next five years.  This sounds lucrative for dual-language speakers because a great career await them.  So, if you think you have what it takes to interpret from one language to another, with a keen attention to detail in the local culture and linguistic traits, then, language translation is the one for you.

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Online Marketing

If you think running an online business sounds great for you, then go for it.  There are so many money-making opportunities that the web has to offer.  You can start an affiliate marketing business and earn commissions for every item you sell.  You can also set up an online writing firm and offer your services to website owners and SEOs who are also on the hunt for fresh and quality contents.  Then, there’s the power of online selling and buying that eBay, Amazon and Craigslist have to offer.  You can sell virtually anything, from house and lot to trinkets of collectible.  If you have the knack to designing websites and graphics, then, this is an equally high-paying, home-based career that you should pursue.

Food Business

You can go retail or wholesale, as long as you’re offering something nice and yummy.  Humans love to eat and a little creativity and uniqueness and lots of marketing will propel your food business to profitability.  You can also take advantage of software for catering to help you manage the recipe costing of your food business.

Coaching and Mentoring

If you have a specific set of skills that you think you could bank on to earn you big bucks, then be an instructor.  Whether it’s dancing, writing, speaking or fitness, you can get paid quite handsomely by helping people learn something that they’re passionate about.  Set up an account on Facebook or Twitter and post videos on YouTube and let your popularity soar high.  You can also offer virtual mentoring via Skype, especially if you wish to teach English to foreigners, like Koreans and Chinese.

Disaster Consulting

With disasters here and there, a whole new industry has sprung to help the victims — and to bring cash to the service provider.  Barry Scanlon who heads disaster consulting firm Witt Associates, admitted that the world has seen severe weather conditions, not to mention the occurrence of freak events, which cause damage to lives and properties.  On the contrary, still a lot of people are not ready — or at least, don’t know what do to — in times of crises.  That’s where disaster consultancy firms come in.  They help people how to prepare and take heed when the worst happens.  Specifically, businesses like these are tailor-suited for commercial establishments, training people how to protect everything, from buildings and equipment down to online documents.

Do you have other lucrative business ideas?  Go and share them with us in the comments.


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Aspiring Blogger - February 11, 2013

Great article! As you know, my wife is an athletic coach, and she gets paid, free shirts, free shoes, etc out of the deal! Oh, and on top of all that, she gets exercise – which she loves! There are so many ideas out there, the hardest thing is just focusing on one!

    Arnel Ariate - February 11, 2013

    Correct. Opportunities abound, especially for inquisitive minds. It’s hard to focus on one maybe because many do not stick with that one, for a long enough time.


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