You log into a shopping website, search for products of your choice, apply a coupon code given by them in your mailer and you make a purchase! Does this sound like a familiar situation to you? Do you think this is the ultimate way to shop online and score the best deals? Have you accepted it as the most rewarding way of shopping online?

If you nodded your head all along, you are in for a rude shock! What if I told you that you have been doing it all wrong? What if I told you that lots of online shoppers in India have been indulging in huge savings on their online shopping? What if I revealed to you those not-so-known secrets which are helping people earn and shop at the same time?

Be it Amazon’s festive sale or Flipkart’s big billion days sale, you can’t just wait for sales to happen to make the most out of your online shopping. You need those ‘extra’ tips which will make online shopping extremely rewarding. Let’s get started with those amazing tips!

1. Stalk your favorite websites

And by that I mean follow them religiously on their social media channels. Brands are cognizant of the fact that by harnessing the power of social media, they can keep themselves connected with users and also lure them into tempting deals. There are numerous websites which list out exclusive coupon codes only on a particular social media channel. You have to take advantage of this very fact. Stay active on your social media channels via your smartphone to never miss out on any deal.

shopping genius2. Sign up for their newsletter

Chances are that you haven’t because you don’t want to clog your inbox. But you really need to sign up for websites in order to get news for any special or upcoming sales. Many websites even give a head’s up about new arrivals in their online store through this. So all in all, it’s worth it to sign up for their newsletters and become their subscribers. Take for instance, Flipkart which frequently sends out limited Flipkart offers and informs its customers about special deals via newsletters.

3. Make use of dual benefit websites

Dual benefit websites means those sites that hand out coupon codes as well as Cashback offers. You must be living in stone-age if you aren’t acquainted with the concept of Cashback. Cashback offers help you save big on your online purchases as the cash is real cash. CashKaro is one such website which gives a bonus of Cashback too along with tempting discount offers. Be it Amazon india coupons or Shopclue coupons, Jabong coupons or Mobikwik coupons, find coupons for nearly every retailer here.

4. Don’t keep sleeping on holidays

Come holidays and you start doing a happy dance because you don’t need to set an alarm to get up early. But if you really want to grab the finest prices on your favourite products, don’t sleep in late. Festive days are absolutely great days for online retailers to hold big sales. Most of them build an anticipation around their sales earlier itself so that they are a big hit.

5. Stick with their loyalty programs

If you shop for mostly all stuff online itself, it pays to shop for them from a selected list of retailers only. If the website you trust sells products from a large number of categories, shop from there itself! This way you don’t just save on the shipping fees but you also earn big reward points from them. They can be redeemed various forms depending upon the website.

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