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What Is PPI?

Very simply, PPI is Payment protection Insurance. This insurance is supposed to cover any loan and debt repayments you may not be able to keep up with in the event of losing your job or becoming too ill to work.

PPI policies were sold to people as part of the deal when they took out a loan, however some policies were also sold as ‘stand alone’ PPI policies which had no direct involvement with the loan.

Why was PPI mis-sold?

Fundamentally, PPI was mis-sold to people so that banks and lenders would make more money.

How could PPI have been mis-sold to me?

PPI was mis-sold by banks and other lenders without fully explaining what it covers. In some extreme cases the banks actually lied and the customers were told it was a compulsory component of the loan or it was added on without the customers consent.

Many people may not have been made fully aware that PPI was optional or that if you took it out, it was to be paid upfront as one payment which would then be added to your loan and you would be paying interest on it.

You may also not have been told about any exclusions the policy had, for example any pre-existing medical conditions would not be covered.

If you have been mis-sold PPI, you may be eligible for compensation – commonly known as PPI Claims. You could be owed a refund worth thousands

If you have taken out a mortgage or personal loan in the last twelve years or a credit card in the last six years that includes Payment Protection Insurance there is a good chance that you might be able to claim the premiums back plus the interest that you will have been charged.

Why Choose Canary Claims?

We can help you claim back what is rightfully yours, today We can get you what you deserve. There are many reasons why you may have a case against your lender.

To start with, were you told about the PPI policy, or did you think that it was compulsory?

Maybe the policy was not right, because of your employment status at the time or it didn’t match the term of the loan?

Whatever the reason, we can help you.

Who are canaryclaims.co.uk?

canaryclaims.co.uk specialise in financial services complaints.  Our team of specialists will handle your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible using the latest technology and industry knowledge.

We can assist you with your claim because we have the required understanding of the regulations, we know the processes involved and are aware of the appropriate levels of compensation and/or refunds. We know how to deal with financial regulators and institutions, we can help to minimise the problems that may occur with these types of claims and make it less stressful for you to claim.

If you have already made a claim on your own which has been rejected, don’t give up. Provided you contact us within six months of your claim being rejected, we may still be able to help 3. What does our service include?

It’s simple – we provide a professional and expert service on the following basis:

We analyse your case and if we believe you have been miss-sold PPI, our professional claims handlers will make a claim on your behalf.

How Can canaryclaims.co.uk Help You?

We are here to assist with your case from start to finish.

Once you receive an offer, we will examine the terms to ensure you receive the maximum amount possible in accordance with the regulations, although you can decide to accept a lower amount if you wish.

We only deal with financial services claims.

In the unlikely event that your initial claim is unsuccessful, we may take your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service and fight for a positive outcome.

Insurance companies, financial advisors and lenders had to comply with a set of complicated rules designed to protect investors. In many cases it has been found that these rules were not followed. Some companies have now been left open to claims of miss-selling.

Of course we understand that it may be difficult for a member of the general public to know whether these rules have been followed or not. You may be unhappy with your product or service but are unsure whether regulations were adhered to when you was sold a product. That’s where we can help. We are familiar with the regulations and the rules covering the sale of financial products and will quickly be able to assess whether these rules and regulations were met when your product or service was sold.

It is probable that our professional appraisal will identify areas where the advice failed to comply with the rules. Once these deficiencies are identified, we can make a claim on your behalf.

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Millennial Money - November 19, 2016

Understanding how banks incorporate different options into their loan packages is important consumer information. Thanks for giving people a way to fix their PPI problem if they have one.


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