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The Top 10 Beach Bars In the World

There is always something unique and somehow magical about beach bars. With a cold cocktail in the hand, and your toes playing with the soft sands, it makes it possible for anyone to drop all the worries behind and enjoy a carefree and a laid-back life. Experiencing the magic of beach bars is something most travelers look forward to, only that they don’t have an idea of where to find the best ones in the world. If you are currently in the process of getting online passport renewal so that can take tours around the globe, here is a brief look at some of the top beach bars you can consider visiting for some truly relaxing moments-:

Alongside in Paihia, New Zealand

On the waterfront of Paihia in New Zealand sits one of the best beach bars in the entire planet. This is the best place you would wish to spend your time after a day full of hiking and chasing dolphins in the Bay of Islands. It is relaxing, with a great variety of cocktails which will make the moment worth every second.

Nikki Beach in Miami

If you are from the United States, then you don’t have to go for online passport renewal so that you can access a top beach bar in the world. At Nikki Beach in Miami, you find an irresistibly beautiful beach where you need no reservation to visit at any time of day or night. The bar features a variety of super comfy opium beds needed for total relaxation after the day’s activities. At night, the bar magnificently transforms into a fresco nightclub with international DJs making the selection on the decks.

Baba Nest

Baba Nest is in Phuket and it is the best place to be if you want the ultimate beach bar experience in Indonesia. It mainly features a flat deck platform with an infinity pool where you will be treated to incredible views of the seas and the neighboring islands. The sunset experience at this beach will forever be etched in your memories.

Chill Out Lounge in the Philippines

Chill Out Lounge may be a relatively small infrastructure in Boracay in the Philippines, but it is an outstanding beach bar worth mentioning in the list of the top beach bars in the world. It is in an off-radar location and unless you are the adventurous type, you may never know about its existence. Nonetheless, it is a wonderful beach bar, located on the white sandy shores and it is arguably one of the best chills out facilities you will ever find in the entire country. At this place, all you have to do is find a bean, get a glass of cocktail, then let the time pass by as you enjoy your drink, as your mind drifts into total relaxation.

Doyles Beach in Australia

Dyles Beach has a reputation of being one of the oldest beach bars in the world, having been opened way back in 1885. The bar is in Watson’s Bay and travelers all over the world flock to the beach every single year to enjoy the pure bliss it has in store for the guests. It is a wonderful place to note just relax and enjoy your drinks, but also to interact with the locals and enjoy some authentic servings of fish and chips.

Dune Preserve Beach in Anguilla

Dune Preserve Beach Bar in Anguilla is perhaps the perfect definition of a paradise when talking about the best bar beaches in the world. The bar is literally five steps from the sea and it is made in its entirety from sea shells, driftwood as well as wrecked boats. As a guest of the bar, you are free to laze away without any chills to the beachside. The beach bar has an outstanding reputation for paying homage to all kinds of people, including pirates and ex-president who all come to relax and enjoy the rum punch available at the bar. It is owned by a famous reggae star who makes frequent appearances to work up the patrons.

Hula Hula Beach Bar in Hvar, Croatia

If you are looking for a perfect beach bar in Eastern Europe ideal for holding all manner of beach parties without giving away the peace and the serenity, then Hula Hula Beach Bar in Hvar, Croatia is the right place to be. The beach features lots of deck chairs and sunbeds ideal for just chilling out, forgetting about your worldly cares and immersing yourself in the beauty of the magnificent sunsets.

La Susana Beach in Uruguay

South America is blessed with great beaches and it would have been a surprise if there wouldn’t have been a decent beach bar in the region. If you are touring the region and you are interested in spending some time in a great beach bar, then you should consider La Susana Beach Bar in Uruguay. This is the best place to enjoy Uruguayan-style afternoons with the feet in the soft sands while enjoying locally sourced foods and wines. The party at this place goes on until very late and so it is just the right place to spend long and boring weekends.

Lava Lava Beach Club in Hawaii

Lava Lava Beach Club in Hawaii has quickly turned into a favorite for both locals and tourists in Big Island in Hawaii. This is rightly so because of the quality experience guests find at the beach. It features an outdoor restaurant-like setting and there is always live music playing to keep the atmosphere in an energetic state. With an extensive cocktail menu, it is just the right place to watch the sun fade away and enjoy very relaxing evenings.

Moonshadows in Malibu, California

Moonshadows has been in existence for almost have a century and it is a favorite sport in California for both tourists and locals. Once darkness sets in, the bar becomes a lively night scene and an ideal spot for Malibu bar crawl. It is very common to spot some celebrity here and that is understandable due to the unique qualities of this bar.

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