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Considering Investing In Property? Here Are The Advantages And Disadvantages

Real estate is the most common investment for the layman. Not only is the profit margin large, but it isn’t as complex as other investments. Just imagine trying to trade on the stock exchange, for example. Still, you won’t just start printing cash when you invest in a property. To make it work, you have […]

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When Is It Time To Invest Money In Your Business?

One of the biggest problems with growing a business is the necessity to make investments. There are so many articles online that talk about how you can handle growth, invest in your business and much more but so few talk about figuring out exactly when to invest money. Timing is crucial in business. According to […]

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Candlestick charts applicability in Trading

Trading technical analysis is based on examining past price behavior in order to find a possible next trend and to determine the volatility. In this sense, employing graphs to represent historical price data is very effective. Among different kind of charts there are: bar charts, line charts, bubble charts and candlestick charts. This last one, […]

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