Looking for recruitment solutions? Here Are Some Tips

There’s nothing better than finding a good candidate who has the skills to fit an opening at a job who also supports the company’s culture, to recruiters and employers. But the other side of the coin often presents itself as well, that is, finding an employee who doesn’t fit the bill completely or doesn’t fit the position. Hiring somebody who doesn’t fit the bill completely not only hurts the bottom line of a company but it also messes with the productivity of an office and employee morale.

recruitment Looking for recruitment solutions? Here Are Some Tips

And while it’s true that there is no way to 100% avoid every bad hire, there are some practical ways you can reduce the risk of choosing the wrong candidate and at the same time make sure you’re attracting the attention of the candidates you’re wanting for your positions. There are a few tips here that’ll help very much in that regard. Again, nothing is 100% with recruitment solutions methods. But this’ll certainly provide a good direction to move in.

1. Make sure the job listings are accurately written.

It may sound a bit basic, and it is in some ways, but we mention it here because it often can get overlooked. Read your job postings to make sure that you’ve described the job accurately and that it’s easy to read and understand. It should: describe the details of the job and who’d be a success in that role. List things such as key job responsibilities as well.

2. Make sure applying for the job is painless, easy.

If the prospective candidates are having to fill out page after page of information before the resume is even entered it’s likely you’ll lose their attention before they even apply. And if they’re a good candidate for the position that’s not something you want to have happen. The candidates you’re wanting have skills, which means they have options other than you, and if it’s too hard for them to apply for your position they very well may try elsewhere. And if it’s a hard application process they may well tell their peers that they don’t recommend applying here. Truly your company is reflected in the recruiting/hiring part of the process so make sure you’re aware of that.

3. Manage those relationships.

There are often times a recruiter may come across somebody who, while not possibly fitting the bill on what’s needed now, has potential for a job down the road. You don’t want to overlook such people. Keep in close communication with such prospects, and if you do this well you can ensure that your employer is the first choice down the road to said candidate. Send them current openings as they arrive and the company announcements as well. Keep them engaged and informed. They’ll remember this and it’ll help you stand out against the crowd.

interview 1492706052 Looking for recruitment solutions? Here Are Some Tips

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4. Social media attention.

Job seekers spend a lot of time on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These are great tools to use when looking for candidates so make sure you’re on top of that and are using them to the full. If your company has a Facebook page you’ll want to be sure you post job openings there. And keep in mind: even if they aren’t directly interested in a position you post, they can tag friends who they think may be interested, so the potential for reach and getting a good hire exponentially rises when using social media.

These are some tips that can, and should, help with recruitment solutions. Sure, there’s always that chance you get a bad hire, it’s not 100% as mentioned before. But using tips like these can certainly help a lot down the road!

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