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Five Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Most of us dream of traveling to learn more about other cities and people. Whether the economy is good or bad, you can still fulfill your dreams. You just have to make more thoughtful choices.

Choose a Budget-Friendly RV

According to Outdoorsy, traveling with a budget RV doesn’t have to feel like you’re compromising–especially when you get to take your accommodations with you. Imagine the enjoyment of visiting the country at your own pace–not having to worry about flight schedules or whether you have to pay extra for luggage.

In fact, many budget RVs are about the same price as a souped-up SUV. And, you get a place to sleep, shower and eat.

Steer Clear of Touristy Restaurants

There are touristy restaurants in almost every city. And, since most tourists don’t know any better, these types of restaurants can usually charge more. Instead, eat where the locals eat.

In addition, there are many diners and hole-in-the-walls that serve excellent meals at great prices. You don’t need a fancy meal to feel full and satisfied.

Check review sites, and ask the locals where they like to eat. Plus, it’s much more fun to try new places.

To illustrate, if you’re in the country—you might look for good barbecue and comfort food. In the northwest, you might look for good seafood restaurants.

On the other hand, if you have your own fishing rod, you can certainly fish for your meals.

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Use Your Travel Rewards Cards

Now is the time to pull out the plastic. Look for cards that let you collect points for travel rewards or offer bonus points just for signing up.

Once you find one that fits your lifestyle, start charging everything from your groceries to rent. Soon, you’ll have enough points for quite a few travel luxuries.

Just make sure you read the fine print and can redeem the points when you need them.

Travel in the Off Season

Travel during the fall and spring, and apart from holidays. You’ll find that even food is less expensive during this time. Moreover, attractions are less crowded.

You won’t have to wait in line for two hours just to get on a theme park ride. Although, you should make sure to research weather patterns. A bit more heat won’t be detrimental, but a hurricane could spell disaster for your vacation.

Explore Unchartered Territory

As stated earlier, you’ll save money steering clear of touristy spots. In addition, research your destination’s various regions. You’ll find it is more affordable to eat and live like the locals.

There are many rural destinations that are beautiful to visit for a few days to relax and live life a bit more slowly. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to get some much-needed rest.

In Conclusion

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean you have to make major sacrifices. There are many places to visit that are off the beaten path and naturally beautiful.

With a bit of planning, you can have just as much fun.

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Jesse worked as a journalist for a large tv station in Korea in her past life. She now works full time at home as a blogger and loves to help her friends manage their personal budgets.

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