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Five Apps That Will Save You Money On Your Travels

With the rise of bargain flights and cheap hotel deals, the world has been opened to us like never before. But make no mistake, traveling is still an expensive business and the costs can mount up alarmingly when you arrive at your destination.

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It is often said that these days, the internet provides the best answers to all life’s questions, and nowadays, most of us go online via our smartphones. That being the case, there should be plenty of apps out there that can help keep the costs down while we explore the world. Here are five of the best.


Whether you are looking for a hotel deal, a nice restaurant, an evening’s entertainment or simply somewhere to do some shopping, make sure you install this app to get some fantastic discounts. There are other voucher-type apps out there, and there’s nothing to stop you using them all, but Groupon has by far the broadest range of products and services and offers the biggest savings.

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We all like a flutter from time to time, and if you choose wisely, you can take advantage of some big money welcome bonuses. There are more online casinos than ever before, and they are based in a growing variety of different countries. Always consult an online resource to see who is offering the best deal, such as, which runs through some of the best offers in Germany. They have a great mobile app and offer some of the most tempting and competitive bonuses for new members.


There are plenty of price comparison sites out there, but not all of them translate so well to mobile apps. Kayak is the exception that proves the rule. It is easy and intuitive to navigate and has access to every commercial airline on the planet. It is also better at working out connection times than most. In addition, you can use it to search for the best hotel and car hire deals, and it will present you with the entire package, all tied together and ready to book.


Most of us use an Excel spreadsheet or similar to take care of our home budgeting. That’s fine when you are in front of your desktop, but a complete nightmare from a smartphone. Mint is a great app for helping you keep track of your finances on the go. For a free app, it has tons of functionality, and the most recent update will even be able to get you your latest credit score!


This hotel booking website took the crowded price comparison market by storm when it burst onto the scene, and now it has a smartphone app that is every bit as effective. It seems consistently able to out-compare its main competitors and come up with the best deals. Like Kayak, it has made the transition from desktop to phone app smoothly and effectively.

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Robert Oritz - November 15, 2017

I have tried trivago and I was well thought out website, really helps you save some money on hotels.


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