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Financial Business Myths Busted Once And For All

There are many monetary myths and misconceptions in the business world today. Those misunderstandings can cause companies to fail and never reach their full potential. So, we’ve decided to set the record straight and expose the lies. We won’t have enough time to cover everything in this post. However, we should manage to remove some of the misinformation and help some of you to succeed. Money is everything in the corporate landscape, and so it’s vital that you understand your position. Even so, it’s hard to do that if you believe some of the myths being bandied around on the internet.

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Myth 1: It’s hard to get a loan or credit

Ever since the financial collapse of 2008, many people have been under the illusion that it’s difficult to obtain a business loan. While some banking groups have implemented tighter restrictions, it’s still easy to get the money you need. In most instances, you just have to create a proposal that explains how you intend to spend the cash. If you can’t borrow from the bank for some reason, there are plenty of alternatives. US companies can always apply for loans from the SBA if they have a reasonable credit score. Indeed, that’s often the best option because it’s an independent federal agency. So, the interest rates are lower than you might expect.

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Myth 2: You can’t afford to invest more cash in marketing

Advertising and promotion are essential to succeed in business. You might have the best concept ever conceived, but you’ll never make a profit without spending money. All company bosses should aim to increase their investment every single year for the best results. Many people think that’s impossible because they aren’t making high profits. However, all marketing costs are classes as expenditure. So, the only thing you’re doing by spending more cash is reducing your tax bill. At the end of the day, we all want to contribute to society. Even so, you should never give money away that you could spend on growing your operation. You can always afford to invest more in marketing!

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Myth 3: You don’t need an accountant

Lots of business owners will try to save as much money as possible during the early stages. However, accountants are essential, and you can’t operate without them. Don’t make the mistake of trying to manage financial matters alone because you will spread yourself too thin. You’re also likely to make mistakes and end up in trouble with the IRS. If you learn nothing else from this article, we hope you now understand the importance of ignoring that myth. You always need an accountant, and you will fail if you ignore that fact. Thankfully, most only charge a small fee each month, and some will let you clear the balance at the end of the tax year.

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Now you know about some of the most common financial myths, we hope you have a better perception of your situation. It’s such a shame when people make the wrong decisions based on inaccurate information. So, bookmark this page if you’re worried about forgetting these points in the future. Also, do yourself a favor and employ the services of a business consultant before making any major financial decisions.


Tom is a former accountant turned online entrepreneur. He enjoys writing about finance and accounting topics. His passion is in improving productivity for individuals and helping them save money.

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