Don’t Get Ripped Off! Know Your Rights and Protect Your Interests with These Tips

There is no worse feeling that getting ripped off. You start to feel like you’re the one to blame because you didn’t take extra precautions and were too naive. And although blaming the victim in these situations is never a good thing, we should all do more to make sure that we never get ripped off. So, try to make sure that you know your rights and look after your interests when the need to do so arises.

It’s the people who don’t know their rights and are not prepared to stand up for them that end up getting ripped off. And some other examples of getting ripped off come about because people don’t fully understand all the threats out there. The information you’ll find below will get you off to the best start when it comes to learning about how you can avoid getting ripped off or exploited.

Learn Your Consumer Rights

First of all, you should get to know about what your rights as a consumer are. We all buy things, and that means that we’re all consumers. And consumers do have rights, even if it feels like many companies are not interested in respecting them. If you buy something and it breaks or doesn’t do what it says it should, then you have the right to a refund. You don’t need to pay for an extended warranty or extra protection (which is always expensive) if the item breaks or stops working within a year. And there are so many other rights you should be aware of, so brush up on them.

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Always Try to Read the Small Print

Reading the small print is something else that you should always try to do when you buy something or sign an agreement. You never know what could be hiding in that small print if you’re not willing to read through it and unlock what’s there. You need to be aware of some of the catches and tricks that companies try to pull. Many of these businesses just assume that people won’t read the small print. Yes, a lot of what you will read will be boring stuff that isn’t of much consequence to you. But it’s still worth reading it all just in case.

Know and Understand the Most Common Online Scams

These days, one of the biggest and most dangerous ways in which you can get ripped off is via online scams. Cyber criminals are becoming more and more advanced with each passing year. You need to be up to date with what they’re doing and what they might do next. That way, you can make sure that you never get caught out by one of their tricks. One of the most common types of scam is called a phishing scam. This is when email presents itself as something it’s not. It might promise you something, only to get you to enter your details and then steal your money.

Be Extra Careful When Buying Things Online

You will also need to be careful when it comes to buying items online. There are so many ways in which your financial information can be compromised if you are not buying from a reliable site that takes security seriously. Always make sure that SSL certificates are in use. Or, even better, always try to pay for things via Paypal if the option is available to you. This service is known for its strong safety and security measures. If you don’t take these matters seriously, someone could rip you off and steal a serious amount of money from you.

Know Which Social Security Benefits You’re Entitled To

Some people are entitled to social security payments, and it’s worth finding out more if you think you might be one of those people. It makes sense to get the money that you’re entitled to rather than struggling unnecessarily.  Many people are too proud to admit that they need help, but there is nothing at all wrong with seeking assistance when you really need it. In fact, it’s what everyone should do. If you have been wrongly turned down in the past, you can seek legal help. In that case, you can visit Brown and Crouppen for more details. Fight for the money that you believe you’re owed.

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Never Allow Yourself to be Pushed Into Anything

It’s all too common for people to play dirty when it comes to selling things to you. They will go to all sorts of lengths to make sure that they clinch a deal. Most of the time, this will be good-natured sales patter. But it can go further than that at times. When they tell you blatant lies and play on your emotions in order to push you into a purchase, that’s where you should draw the line. There is no excuse for that kind of behaviour, so don’t allow yourself to be pushed into something that you are not 100% comfortable with.

Be Confident When Dealing with Someone Looking to Sell You Something

One way in which you can be sure that you won’t be pushed into a sale is to be confident when dealing with salespeople. When a sales representative sees that a person is unsure and doesn’t have a strong knowledge of what they’re buying, they might take advantage of this. That’s why you should have confidence and do some background research before actually talking to sales representatives.

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Don’t Let Your Boss Break Employment Laws

Finally, you should be aware of your rights in the workplace. Every worker and employee is protected by certain employment laws. If you find yourself in a situation where these employment laws are being broken and bent by your boss, you should take action. You can do this by seeking legal advice or joining a trade union to fight for your rights at work. Bosses are often out for themselves, and that’s why many employees end up in court battling for what they’re owed under the law. Yes, it can be a big hassle, but it’s worth it if you get the right outcome.

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