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Collecting Is Investing: 10 Items Obtainable Today That Could Go up in Value in the Future

Every investor’s main aim is to invest in the things that bear amazing turnover with time. So do you, if you’re intending to venture into business, or if you’re in already. And in case you’re wondering what business to put your time and money in, consider the collectibles. There are a good number of collectibles that have proven to be worth investing in over the past years. The following 10 items are among the most anticipated items whose value is expected to go up in the future.


  • Vintage comic books


You might have disregarded this thinking that it’s just but a childish hobby. Actually, if you’re a seasoned collector and choose to invest in comic books, you’ll be assured of an incredible turnover, especially in the near future. You can decide to collect and use the books for display. Obtaining the comic books is not a complicated process. But concentrate on the true vintage and long lasting series. Do more research on the collections and identify the books with potential characters to become movie stars. The better condition they’re in, the higher the expected value.


  •  Vintage Board Games


Should you come across original versions of board games like Omega Virus, Crossfire, or Perfection, grab them as soon as possible. These items are valuable and there’s no doubt that their value will be even more in the years to come. For your own advantage, ensure to check their condition prior to agreeing on the purchase as this will have an impact when you finally decide to sell out. Consider taking good care of them also once they’re in your possession. If you can get a mold resistant and waterproof container to store them, the better.


  •  Coins


This is yet another investment that is safe and convenient. Even though it takes some time before the value increases, you will certainly appreciate the outcome when you decide to auction them. Such coins are rare, and obviously, they’re in demand. Take for example the 1933 printed Double Gold Eagle coin which was sold for $7.6 million. Isn’t that impressive? Now, what’s next? Well, there’re various platforms such as the Austrian Philharmonic coins where you can find obtainable but rare coins that will give a significant rise in value to finance your other projects. If already you had a substantial collection, you can visit the Professional Coin Grading Service to have your coin collections graded.


  •  Vintage Baseball Cards


This is an interesting kind of investment where you can decide to collect the baseball cards as a hobby. Certified vintage cards like the Tobacco cards (PSA certified), and the 1930s’ early Topps, Goudy cards could earn you a fortune in the future even after enjoying them before the sale. But as always, be keen on the current condition of the cards and concentrate mostly on vintage cards.


  •  Books


The first editions of classic books have very significant value. If you spot an immediate classic, ensure that you get your hands on the copy of the very first edition. It’ll be perfect if bearing the author’s signature. You might be doubting the value of such books but you will be finally surprised. Leonardo DeVinci’s original notebooks were sold at around $50,000. This is enough proof that there’s value in such first edition books that you could soon be enjoying if you grab them as early as now when they’re obtainable.


  •  Gold Bullion


Gold investment has been a stable investment among the precious metal collections with the owners having something solid to fall back on. Perhaps a market crash for gold is not anywhere near. The value keeps rising each and every time. With the constantly increasing population, gold supply is getting limited hence its growing demand and value. If you invest in this kind now, you will surely earn a fortune out of it that can go as far as keeping you stable for quite some time.


  •  Vintage Stamps


These have been among the most collectible items available in the market. And what makes them more significant is their distinctive variety. You must’ve heard, if not come across the Inverted Jenny, popular stamps printed upside down that were sold for a million dollar each. Think about the accompanying fortune if you could have possession of such and other vintage stamps? You can’t afford to overlook their potential. But the ones in good condition, of course.


  •  Dolls and Action Figures


Collectible dolls are easily dismissed to be of no significant value and are there to be passed on to the next generation. But people are nowadays willing to pay more price to obtain childhood toys because of nostalgia. The G.I. Joe was, in 2003, for instance, was sold for $200,000. And there are several more of the kind going at a very good price and keeps increasing every year. Other collectibles such as Barbie and vintage Cabbage Patch Kids are best examples of the collectibles whose demand is high. If you could have a good number of such collectibles, what else will prevent you from earning a fortune out of them? Huh, unless you become your own stumbling block.


  •  Vintage video games


The recently introduced video games are yet to depreciate in value, that’s if they haven’t by now. You must’ve seen, at the local games shop, the rate at which such games depreciate making them not worth investing in that much. But the rare vintage games of the 80s and 90s such as the Stadium Events are worth investing in. If you have any of such old video games in good condition, then you’re having a treasure which can be of greater value as time goes by.


  • Sneakers


A great multitude of sneaker fans exists worldwide. This is evident from the common long queues experienced every time outside fashion shoe retail shops patiently waiting for an opportunity to grab the latest sneakers, perhaps designed by popular celebrities. This makes such sneakers even more expensive. Obtaining vintage pieces of sneakers like the classic Nike Air Jordans will be a good way of investing in something you’re sure of their future increase in value. Be keen on such kinds as they will be worth a lot more a few years from now.


By now you’ve probably made up your mind in what you’re to put your money and perhaps much of your attention into, collectibles. And what’s more? There always exists a market of any collectible kinds especially when factors such as demand, age, and condition become the variable. These 10 items are a great deal of an investment whose value keeps rising and can earn you a fortune in the near future. Good luck with your investment plan.


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