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Different ways to make money online



What is MegaTypers? >> Click here to see the updated Megatypers review (And a video of MegaTypers in Action)<< MegaTypers is a company offering an online typing job.  They pay you for typing CAPTCHA which are letters, numbers or combination of both used as a challenge to determine a human from a non-human response.  They […]

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Why You Should be Using SWIFT to Control Your Global Payments

A well-known type of international transfer that involves the use of one international network, SWIFT payments represent the cutting-edge in terms of businesses and how they manage their finances. One of the largest international financial messaging systems on the planet, SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. By providing financial institutions with their […]

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Four Mistakes You Should Avoid for Your eCommerce Website

More than 70 percent of consumers believe they are going to get a better deal by using the Internet to shop instead of visiting traditional stores, according to  This type of demand requires eCommerce business owners to make sure that their websites are always functioning properly without any persistent errors or issues.  There are […]

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Managing Money in an Ever Changing Technological World

In a world where technology is constantly changing, many governments and central bankers make no secret of their long-term goals for cashless societies.  Debit and credit cards are typically more common than cash in today’s environment, and technological advancements continue to provide new and innovative ways to manage money. Avoid Carrying Cash Many Americans rely […]

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