5 Common Productivity Mistakes to Avoid

productivity 5 Common Productivity Mistakes to Avoid

Workplace productivity is a big deal these days.

Countless industries are increasing their research to discover ways to become more productive.

But here’s the thing…

You don’t have to actually spend any money to increase productivity in the workplace. As a matter of fact, there are five mistakes that companies and their employees regularly make that severely hurt productivity.

In this brief guide, we will share these common mistakes you might be making today.

We will also share ways to avoid making them in the future.

When all’s said and done, you can take implement productivity hacks to improve your company’s performance by a wide margin. And we highly recommend taking the time to implement these suggestions.

1.Working in the Wrong Environment

It’s quite possible that you and members of your staff are working on certain tasks in the wrong environment. Remember, some tasks are definitely more suited to a different atmosphere.
As an example, let’s say you have writers on staff in your business. What kind of environment do you think writers need the most? If you said a quiet environment, give yourself a gold star!

Many writers prefer working in silence. But if your writer’s desk is in the middle of a chaotic workplace, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise if said writer’s productivity numbers aren’t as attractive as you feel they should be. Even if they look into nootropic supplements like Noopept, the chaotic environment will still impact their productivity.

In another example, let’s say you have a sales staff in your office of your precision metal stampings company. Salespeople love the hustle and bustle of a busy workplace. They would never be able to do their job properly working in a library-like environment.

So, think about your current workspace. Think about the jobs that your employees are expected to do. And determine if certain unproductive people might benefit from a change of venue.

We’re not saying to run out and rent a new office. Not at all. But it might be a good idea to give your writers a secluded place of their own to work in silence and let your salespeople have a blast working in a busy common area.

2.Excessive Meetings

Do you want to know the biggest productivity killer out of them all?

If you guessed that meetings were the biggest culprit, you can pat yourself on the back for reading the heading instead of jumping right into the content!

Some companies schedule too many meetings during the week. Some companies let their meetings run way longer than they should.

If you’re having productivity problems in your office, it’s time to pay attention to your meeting schedule. If it seems a bit excessive, it’s time to it cut down so that your employees have enough time to get their work done during the day.

3.Lack of Productivity Tracking

The easiest way to improve productivity is to actually track what you’re doing every day. It’s simple to do when you use an employee time tracking site.

By tracking employees online, you’ll be able to discover their greatest strengths and weaknesses if you track at the project level.

This is highly recommended because it will help you better place your employees so that they’re working on their most productive tasks during the day.

4.Too Many Emails

productivity1 5 Common Productivity Mistakes to Avoid

When your employees have to spend the entire day opening and answering emails, they’re never going to get all of their work done. Email is too big a distraction.

Instead, you can schedule specific times during the day that employees can check their email. Or create a mass company email that one employee stays on top of all day long.

5.Stop Doing Too Many Things at Once

Recent studies tell us that multitasking will hurt productivity instead of helping it. If you’re trying to do five things at once, slow down, take a breath, and focus on one thing at a time.


It’s easy to make certain productivity mistakes. Follow the guidelines shared today to avoid the most common ones from now on.

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