Why It Feels Like Web In The Nineties?

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard and changed us in many ways. Not only have our thought processes being affected but also the way we work. Our internet usage and behaviors have changed. Coronavirus affected our lives in ways but this pandemic did bring us closer in terms of more family time because of all the quarantining. It does feel like the clocks have been turned back even in terms of online activities. It seems that the internet has been our sole savior to connect us with our family and friends. High-quality providers like Mediacom Internet or Spectrum internet were there to facilitate the users in the best possible ways by providing faster speed broadband at lower rates. Almost every person turned towards the internet for fulfilling their educational, professional, and communication needs.

There has been apparent will to form virtual relationships. People enjoy video calls more than ever just like back in the times. We are back to cherishing our far-away friends on the internet because getting in touch with them online is just like hanging out with them. As the global pandemic took us inside our homes and made our stay there. People also went analog and started sending postcards, voicemail messages, and gifts to their loved ones, knowing they won’t be able to meet them in person because of social distancing. The world seemed to go back in the older times when we used to be more connected to our loved ones and invested more in happy hours and quality times. People seemed to have slowed down for a while and take time to kindle their relationships and help each other fight through the anxiety and mental trauma.

The internet also became a place to learn and educate ourselves. Apart from online classes conducted by the schools, colleges, and universities to compensate for the loss of students and not waste their time, many people headed towards the internet to kill their boredom and learn new skills. People started mastering new languages, musical instruments, painting, or any skills that fascinate them. Not to forget the interesting yoga sessions and fitness fever that became a major highlight of the entire quarantine. People are also inclined towards spending their time carefully on the internet.

So the point here is the fact that this whole quarantine experience made the online interactions more peaceful somehow. The modern internet has been much louder but during this pandemic, it also tends to have softened. We saw people addressing mental health issues and sharing their stories like never before. People also reached out to one another to check if their loved ones are doing well. So it seemed the internet being the pivotal medium of social interactions did become a kinder and softer place during this global pandemic. This was because the internet helped maintain normalcy and also helped us keep sane in the middle of all the chaos and fear regarding COVID-19.

So, it is true to say that the global pandemic took the internet back to the old times when it was a safer and gentler place. So this is what the pandemic changed, not in terms of internet technology but our usage and virtual relationships. Our perception has also changed the way our lives got connected through virtual relationships and communities.

In this era of the internet, where we saw more trolling, hate talks, and negative criticism, there has been a change of trend amidst the global pandemic. It was the internet that allowed people to come close to each other and bring everyone together through various online platforms. Thus it became nicer just like it was back in the days. There seemed to have been a break in the trolling and bitterness spread online. During quarantining, it was the internet that filled us with joy, boundless opportunities, hope, and optimism. Without broadband access, we would have been isolated and lost as this whole COVID-19 experience has been very depressing and dangerous both physically and mentally.

The Bottom Line

Internet did open new opportunities in the past months and showed newer possibilities. It proved to be the best medium to show that when we get in trouble, we tend to turn to one another for support, courage, and peace.


Jesse Fin

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