Why and How Your Opinions Can Make You Money

Even the most mild-mannered of people tend to have opinions. Perhaps they are divisive and controversial, such as debates about politics and religion. Maybe it’s about who was the best James Bond actor, or which TV show is most deserving of the coveted spot of best of all time. It even goes right down the scale, to which brand of laundry detergent you prefer or which product cleans mirrors without smears.

It’s the latter opinion that is of most interest to companies. We’re sure that your thoughts on politics, religion, James Bond (Sean Connery, right?) and TV are excellent and well-thought out, but they’re not much use beyond the occasional internet argument. Companies who market to the populace are constantly trying to find ways to figure out how our mind’s tick- and they’re willing to pay for the insight.

Most of us have experienced a product that we have thought could be better designed. We’ve had a spillage and wondered why a spout is designed a particular way or wished for recycled packaging in a world of plastic. We vent these opinions to our friends and family, but they don’t do anything with the information. However, to a manufacturer, this is vital feedback that allows them to see the world through your eyes. It’s a benefit that goes both ways. Society can have a hand in products that help and do their designed purpose; the company gets sales.

If you like the idea of sharing your thoughts with people who care, the bonus is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. Surveys Say is a valuable resource which goes through all the different survey sites and how they work. You can learn what the rewards system is, how much you might be able to make and the different accessibility platforms. You should be able to find a site to help give your budget a little more slack.

When you have signed up, the fun begins in earnest. The amount of surveys you are invited to will depend on your circumstances. Moms are highly prized, while those with disposable income will find their thoughts solicited on a more frequent basis. Even if you don’t fit into these categories, you will still find a few a week that want you to tell them all you can.

While the idea of making money for your thoughts is in no doubt appealing, it’s not going to make you rich. This is more an extra income, and can be seen as something fun if you enjoy having your input on this process. If you want to make more money, it is worth looking for market research days in your area. These will invite you along and pay for you to sample a new product, and then give your ideas in exchange. They can be lucrative, but are still not going to be enough to live off and opportunities may be sparse.

The process of product development is an important one, with an extra benefit of a few rewards for yourself. If it sounds interesting, you’ve nothing to lose, so why not give it a go today?

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danny - January 8, 2017

Can you do a review of PrizeRebel.com? this is one of the best survey sites out there.

    Tom - February 2, 2017

    Thanks for the comment. We can look into review prizerebel.com


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