Driving under the influence is a huge mistake. No mistake that anyone reading this already has a good idea of that. We all know the risks it has to your health and the health of those in your surroundings. But you might not be aware of the risks that getting a DUI has on the rest of your life. Even if no-one was hurt before you get charged, its effects can still be widespread. If you’re worried about being convicted of a DUI or you already have, you could be suffering for it. Besides the obvious punishments of a fine and points, it can have a ripple effect through the rest of your life. Keep reading to find out what the long-term effects you might be suffering are.


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There’s a certain truth that we’re all prone to making more mistakes when we’re young. But the mistakes we make when we’re younger can also have a huge contribution to the choices we can make with the rest of our life. This goes doubly when it comes to driving under the influence an education. Every college has access to your permanent record. If you’re applying, then you should have an idea already of how difficult it’s going to be. Having a DUI on that record is only going to make it harder. It might not be impossible, however. But some colleges or universities might ask you to complete a counseling or rehabilitation program. The same would go for those who are already enrolled. In those cases, you may actually be liable to expulsion if you don’t disclose the incident in a certain amount of time.

Your credit

Another important part of your future that the incident could get in the way of Is your credit score. Your credit score and history control how easy or how expensive it is to get a loan. These loans are what help us get important financial assets like cars and homes. You might not necessarily suffer any damage to your credit by getting a DUI. Most of the trouble comes from those who are late paying fines. If fines go to collection agencies, then it will get reported and leave a long-lasting mark on your credit record. If you’re caught driving under the influence and have any notions of investing in property in the future, pay your dues on time.


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Your insurance policies

One of the biggest effects that getting a DUI will have influence on is your insurance. Any auto accident will cause a huge raise in premiums for car insurance. Even worse if you’re responsible. Worst of all if alcohol’s involved. Similarly, this goes for health and life insurance with a DUI. In all these cases, it’s because you are, in their eyes, more at risk of claiming. It might not be fair to make that assumption, especially with life insurance. The fact is that people with a DUI are statistically likely to be involved in another incident like that in future. For that reason, insurance companies will want more money from you quicker.


In some places, the law is changing so that you are no longer obligated to disclose a history of criminal convictions. In most, however, that permanent record of yours is as relevant as ever. Getting a DUI can impact your employment in a variety of ways. For one, if you have to disclose it, you are less likely to get a job. You may also lose a job as a result. Not just directly from the incident. If you commute by car and don’t have a license, you won’t be able to continue doing that work. Similarly, some occupations require special licenses that can also be revoked or suspended. Overall, a DUI can be very disruptive to employment.


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Loss of license

It is not uncommon for someone to have their license suspended or revoked as result of a DUI. Of course, it’s not necessarily going to happen. In some cases, it may just involve a fine and some points. In almost all cases, driving privileges are lost, however. When it does you will likely be required to comply with requirement to receive a new license. These requirements may include counselling or rehabilitation for alcohol or drugs. If you are involved in a trial as a result of the DUI, you will also have to wait for any legal proceedings to end. Sometimes, waiting for your license to be reinstated can last as little as ninety days. In more serious cases, however, it can last for a year or more.

Personal relationships

As a society, there is a growing public disapproval for driving under the influence. The media has risen awareness of how many deaths and injuries are caused on the road. Getting a DUI is seen by many as a sign of extreme negligence. It’s not surprising that these attitudes can lead to a change in personal relationships as a result. No-one who cares about you will be happy that you put yourself in danger. Legal troubles also tend to bring an undue amount of stress into any relationship. If you have a DUI, you may suffer problems with your relatives or even in your marriage. If that’s the case, counselling may be needed.


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The rest of your life

If you get into a DUI, you have inconvenienced and endangered a lot of people. But hopefully you have also seen it as a wake-up call. Firstly, because you put yourself in danger. Secondly, because you may have to come face to face with a drinking problem. Getting over a DUI isn’t easy, especially if it resulted in injury. But living a sober life can make it easier. If you have a problem with alcohol, it may become clear that a DUI is only part of a repeating string of accidents and events caused by that problem. Identifying it is the first step to admitting it. Once you admit, you may be open to getting help. If it stops you from getting in that kind of situation again, it’s worth it.

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