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Nick @ Millionaires Giving Money - April 2, 2015

Really informative infopic, thanks for sharing. If everyone was to practice the tips listed here and become aware of their consumption the world would be such a better place.

Correy Smith - August 20, 2015

How would I go about doing 3D printing on a inkjet printer or would it be best to buy a 3D printer? I ask that because there are several side projects that were handed down to me by several clients of mine requesting for me to do 3D printing. It seems like another option would be to talk to a printing services and see if they can upgrade my printer.

Mark | SME Invoice Finance - May 9, 2016

Very cool and informative infographic – I didn’t know that turning on the printer can actually use ink! Yes, choosing the right paper for the right type of document being printed can make a huge difference in the quality. I always use high quality /gsm gloss paper to print my photos. Thanks for sharing.


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