Vehicular mishaps may happen any time to anyone.  While it might not be possible to predict when or where a road accident shall happen, we can protect our vehicles and so ourselves by getting insurance plans.  However, picking the right insurance company among the sea of rivalling companies offering the same products can be a burden, so how do you select the right company for the job?  Here are some suggestions to simplify your car insurance shopping in the Philippines.


Sensible Premium

When searching for an insurance bundle, the very first thing you consider is the premium you need to pay.  With possibly lots of insurance providers competing for customers, it’s hard to miss their low prices on online comparison websites.  However, don’t just go for the cheapest; make sure that they offer unmatched service and superb customer support also.  If you get a low-priced yet tosh insurance coverage, in the end you could’ve wished that you should have paid more for better services.


Wide Variety of Selections

Back in the old days, insurance buyers don’t have any choice but to simply accept the terms indicated in the policy.  Customers are getting the power now to choose the right insurance deals for them.  Primarily, there are two types of vehicular insurance available on the market: comprehensive package and comprehensive third party liability.  In comprehensive package insurance, which is also known as all-risk coverage, the insurer will cover all types of damages to the car, including vehicular theft.  Meanwhile, Total Loss Only or TLO only covers your loss if the damages amounts to 75% or more of the vehicles value, which includes total loss of the vehicle.  A good insurance company offers a wide range of products that will fit your needs, therefore choose one that provides freedom of choice.


Accessible and Reliable Repair Center Partner

Some auto insurance in the Philippines have a car repair shop partner, with the latter handling all of the maintenance with the former’s customers.  While it can be a very important factor that their workshop can be a reliable one, it really is another issue if they’re not accessible.  If an automobile insurance’s workshop partner can be said to be dependable in repairing cars along with having a convenient location, then you might have already found your insurance provider.


Additional Goodies and Other Perks

While the main product of insurance companies is insurance itself, a lot of them entice customers with perks and other services that add value to their main products.  Some of the advantages insurance firms include in the package are 24/7 towing service, car rental repayments and additional freebies.  Aside from the said value-added services, service-oriented insurance companies also get feedback from their customers frequently, asking them regarding the quality of service they provide to their policyholders.


Clear Policy Conditions

With the number of vehicles increasing over the years, so does the number of companies and products concerned with car insurance in the Philippines.  However, one point you need to be certain when looking for the best car insurance for you is usually that the terms stated in the policy are clear, and there is no legal obfuscation included in the agreement.  By knowing that your potential insurance provider is not just all bells and whistles, you can be certain yours as well as your car’s protection was in great hands.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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