Glasgow is one of the lower priced cities in the UK to purchase a home, however it’s still not cheap as chips.  A house or apartment in the West End of Glasgow is going to cost you and that’s why a lot of people living in the region tend to prefer to rent.

With first time buyers in Glasgow now above the 30 mark and a lot of people tending to rent for longer, we’ve compiled a list of tips for renting in the city.



The cost of renting in the centre of Glasgow is quite expensive, relative to other areas.  However, if you want to be in the city and experience the excellent transport links, nightlife and the low crime rates the area has to offer then you have to pay for it.  However, be sure to check around as some estate agents are a lot lower in cost than others and there are bargains to be had.



The cost of a flat in Glasgow, or any city for that matter is only the beginning and you need to also think of the other extras on hand.  Utility bills, food, council tax, luxuries and the costs of other items also add up and you need to be sure you can afford these before you take up a lease.

Tips on How to Rent in Glasgow

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One great way to lower the price of a flat is to find a flatmate, however you need to be careful that the person that you’re sharing with is someone you like.  So, either pick someone you know or be very careful when interviewing people to move in – it could be great, or it might not be – so be careful.



Signing up with a number of letting agents is a great way to improve the chances of you finding somewhere you like.  The more places you look and see the more likely you’ll be able to find somewhere.  That’s why Letting Web and the like are great options as they allow you to see a smorgasbord of places to rent.


Bring Someone

Bring someone with you when going to see flats – at least the initial ones.  A friend or someone else can be a great help as they tend to provide an objective view of the place.  Look for structural issues such as damp, any work that needs to be done and check if there’s anything that could slow down the move in process.



Remember there will be a deposit to pay, too.  This is often between 6-8 weeks rent and you need to take this into account when budgeting as it can be quite an expensive addition.  Check that the owner is placing the deposit in a tenancy deposit scheme and that it will be secure.


Small Print

Read a contract through from cover to cover before you sign.  A lot of tenants find themselves in big issues at the end of a lease as they realise that there’s something that they’ve signed up for that’s an extra and has to be paid for.  Check beforehand to prevent this.



Check that there is an inventory been taken before you move in and be sure to look through it before you sign it.  Take photos and date any problems that you see and keep them safe – it will prevent long term issues if the landlord blames you for something.


Follow these tips and you should be fine when looking for a property to rent in Glasgow or any city for that matter.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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