The key to having a happy, productive workspace for you and your employees is to make as many tasks as you can efficient.  If your employees are taking too much time doing routine tasks like clocking in and out each day, you are wasting valuable minutes of work time that can spark an idea for your next product design or marketing campaign.  And easy way to improve efficiency in clocking in is to consider implementing time clock software.


Eliminate Equipment

Time clock equipment can be bulky and prevents multiple employees from clocking in at the same time.  This can cause delays in getting to work each morning.  A software program that tracks an employee’s time can help you eliminate this dated equipment from your offices.  It can also allow multiple employees to clock in at the same time, especially if each employee has their own computer from where they can clock in and out each day.


Better Choice for Flexible Offices

Today’s workspace is not just the cubicle in the office.  An employee’s workspace can include public transportation, their own home, a local coffee shop and many more places.  Letting employees work from anywhere can be a great boost to the team’s capabilities for innovation and creativity, but it can be a huge hassle when they have to track their hours.  Software in place of a traditional time clock lets employees clock in and out from wherever they are.  Many office also use additional software that can let them see what employees are working so they know they are using their time wisely.

How Time Clock Software Can Improve Your Office

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Efficiency in Payroll

Time clock software is not just beneficial for employees.  As an employer, you can see a number of great benefits from using this type of software.  First, you will be provided an accurate account of all employee hours worked each week.  This can help you make your payroll system more efficient and it can also help you to spot any discrepancies or problems much quicker than before.  In this type of software, you can also create reports that can give you the information in many different formats.


If you are interested in time clock software, you can easily learn more about implementation, training and how your office can benefit from the switch.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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Shobir @ Millionaires Giving Money - December 9, 2014

I certainly agree with these points. Having a clocking system which is overbearing shows mistrust in my opinion. Flexible working and remote logging through clocking software is definitely preferred. When I was employed I remember being more creative when there were less restrictions. Great post, thanks for sharing.

Jane Fox - July 21, 2015

I hadn\’t really thought about time clocks as a place where you can increase efficiency, but I think you\’re right. Having a good system can simplify things and avoid the frustration that more archaic methods sometimes cause. At least, I know that it would make me more satisfied as an employee. I\’ll have to look into this further for my own office.


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