This Stock Could Be Like Buying Netflix for $1.87

 Hi, I’m Rex Moore, analyst at The Motley Fool.  You’ve probably heard a lot about The Motley Fool. After all, our newsletter services earned the top three spots in Wall Street Journal columnist Mark Hulbert’s August 2013 ranking of more than 200 services he tracks.  From our founding in 1993, The Motley Fool has been fighting on the side of the individual investor. Our mission is to help the world invest better. And we take that seriously, one member at a time. But that doesn’t mean we take ourselves seriously. We believe that investing is empowering, enriching, and fun.

I want to share with you an opportunity we see in the market that just doesn’t come around often.  In fact, truly great financial decisions… the ones that really impact our lives… seldom come around when you want or expect them to.

Whenever there are seismic shifts in technology, it creates historic opportunities for investors who can capitalize on the coming tech revolution.  I think there is one of these opportunities happening right now and is in our grasp.

If you’ve ever had to spend any time on the phone with your cable company…you won’t be surprised to hear that Americans are abandoning cable in droves.

Fortune reports that by the end of last year, over 30 million American households no longer paid for cable…that means nearly 1/4th of all Americans have already kicked cable to the curb…

And it’s setting up an enormous opportunity for investors smart enough to act now.

How big of an opportunity are we talking about?

Industry insiders are predicting that this market will grow to as much as $2.2 trillion by 2021!

Netflix rode the first wave of this cord-cutting revolution to monster 20,000% gains…and now Google, Facebook, and Apple are all sprinting to get in on this estimated $2.2 trillion pie.

Because we now seem to be entering the second phase of this revolution…where cord-cutting goes mainstream…and the biggest tech companies do not want to get left behind.

But while the talking heads in the financial media recommend buying shares of the most obvious names like Netflix, Apple, Facebook, and Google…

One legendary investor…who first recommended Netflix in 2004 (when shares were trading for just $1.87)… is quietly scooping up shares of one under-the-radar West Coast company.

Because this tiny company (more than 50 times smaller than Netflix)…has built a revolutionary new platform…that some of our top investors believe is positioning them to dominate the second wave of the cord-cutting revolution…

And today is your chance to find out all about this remarkable moment in media history…

Because I’ve just released a brand-new video report…that lays out the full story on the movement.

And the best part is that you can see this report for FREE.

And you want to see this story before you invest a single cent in Netflix, Apple, Google…or any of the most obvious names.

Because our experts think one tiny company is revolutionizing the industry.

Could this stock be the next Netflix?

One tiny California company reminds analysts of Netflix in 2004…back when it was trading for just $1.87.

Simply click here to find out more.

Suzanne Frey, an executive at Alphabet, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors. Rex Moore owns shares of Alphabet (A shares) and Facebook. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Alphabet (A shares), Apple, Facebook, and Netflix. The Motley Fool has the following options: long January 2020 $150 calls on Apple and short January 2020 $155 calls on Apple. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.


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