The Search Engine Optimization is now the most important aspect of the internet world, especially in the business realm. Well, it is not difficult to guess why – higher ranking means more traffic generation. This further leads to higher traffic conversion rates and higher sales. Therefore, SEO has a direct link with the revenue of the company.

Well, to make certain SEO works the way we want it to work may be a critical task and to accomplish this task, keywords play a major role. Over the past decade, the way search engines are working has transformed the entire course of the business. Earlier, businesses used to add keywords to their content without making sure whether they are related to the business or not. However, quality is what has improved for websites over various search engines. This implies that SEO strategy is now more complex than ever before as it is more than just adding a keyword to the content.


All online marketers know that SEO revolves around keywords. To increase the number of leads, you need to know what keywords need to be added to taglines, meta tags, subheadings, and body of the text. These keywords ensure that search engines understand what your website is all about and present your website in the search results as and when someone searches these keywords.

Therefore, you need to know what kind of keywords you need to add to your text for generating the desired results:

Long – Tail Keywords:

If you had to describe your business in fewer words, what would they be? For instance, you have a chain of salons in the city. To conclude your business you can use the term “beauty” and try to use it as a keyword for ranking purposes. Do you really think the users will be able to get to your website when there are other fish with the same keyword in the market too? If that is what you were thinking then can help you understand the science behind how these work.

Long – Tail Keywords help in understanding the business better for online robots. For example, beauty looks by Lakme. You may wonder that people who would search for this keyword would be less in number, but think of the result it will generate. People looking for beauty may be searching for the most beautiful women in the world but people searching for Lakme will make it clear to the search engine that your website needs to be in the results for sure.  

Location – Based Keywords:

Apart from telling search engines the gist of your business, make certain you add keywords to your website that help figure out the location as Google cannot do this activity by itself. If you want your website to be shown in the search results of a particular area then this keyword addition is a must.

Adding “Beauty Looks by Lakme in Hudson” will increase the impact of your targeted search making your business visible in nearby search as well.

Indeed, keywords do play their role in SEO!


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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