The Right Tools For The Best Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs get where they are by utilizing the best tools available. You can’t have a successful business in this day and age without using something computerized and automated to help you get through your daily tasks. Many of them free you up so you can focus on landing more clients or bringing in a large project. Here are some tools that will help you be more efficient, help your productivity, and may even find you some money!


Use apps and tools that are industry-specific. An accounting firm should use tax software designed for accountants, not TurboTax or other software that is designed for the general public. A trucking company will need an account for freight factoring instead of trying to chase down individual payments on site. Using software, apps, and partnering with other companies that are designed for the nature of your business removes a lot of the guesswork on your end. If you try to do all of it on your own, you waste a lot of time that you don’t have. Work smarter, not harder with tools made for you!

Manage Your Time Better

Productivity is key to just about every type of job out there. If you are having to jump on emails every hour, attend meetings daily, and still try to accomplish your workload every day, you are going to get burnt out very quickly. Time management leads to an easier workday, less stress, and increased productivity. Honestly, it even can save you a lot of money. You can cut down on employee overtime hours, you can have more time to make sales, and you can avoid burnout (which can lead to a loss of money). There are time-tracking apps, email services, and project management tools that will have your business moving forward at a fair pace. Try them, find what works, and employ them to the best of your abilities.

Control Your Finances

Whether you are a one-man show with an Excel spreadsheet or a controller for a Fortune 500 company, financial tools are essential to your business success. Small businesses may want to consider an online service, such as Quickbooks Online, to help them navigate payroll, sales, and business expenses. You can attach your business bank account so all activity is imported in, saving you tons of time on entering the data. For bigger corporations, they will desire financial software that does the same and puts everything onto a dashboard for easy tracking. Automated software goes beyond just importing financial activity, it saves time by monitoring that activity and its effect on the controller.

Hire Better Quality Employees

Hiring people is often rated as the worst part of doing business and we can see why. It’s hard finding the person who is qualified enough for the position, a great attitude towards your business, and one who isn’t just there for a paycheck. Look for those tools that will help you find the right people in less time. Good Hire is a popular service that helps you navigate background checks, credit checks, verifying identity, and so much more. Before you interview another candidate, check out a hiring tool that will help you make the right decisions!

There are tons of tools that can help you save time, save money, and encourage business growth. Some are free and some will cost you a pretty penny. Take advantage of trial offers, discounts for being a new customer, and certainly use free options that take care of your needs. Use what works and discard the rest so you can achieve all your business goals.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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