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It is been a tradition that holidays especially Christmas are gift giving seasons. Finance is a very big issue for holiday gift shopping. Most people have a fixed budget which makes it almost impossible to find or buy a good present. Everyone strives to find something cheap and valuable that can work as a gift. Here is a gift guide for those of us who have low liquidity:

1.Perfumes- The ultimate chic or lady present of all time is a perfume.Look in websites such as Perfumania and Nordstrom. Perfumania has a reputation of providing excellent colognes at very low pries. Furthermore, they offer reliable delivery services free for orders above $55. They have a collection of perfumes that are not readily available at any local store. Therefore, you are assured of timely gifts. They are a variety gift sets for men and women with favorable coupons and promos. Perfumania offers: 15% off any order coupons, 10% off any order of $50+, 20% off sitewide, 25% off designer gift sets and an extra 10% off entire order.


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2. Tote bags – Perfumania have multiple offers of tote bags including a $100 Paris Hilton tote bag. They are extremely cheap and readily available. They come in numerous colors with some containing drawings or pictures of favorite animated cartoon movies. These items are easy to choose, present and makes hustling for a gift fun and simple. Pick animated tote bags for children and more sophisticated designs for adult friends and family. You can never go wrong with such a gift.

3. Coats and hoodies – In the cold chilly weather of December, a coat or hoodie is absolutely the perfect gift. This is something one can use immediately. People usually appreciate presents they can use in their day to day activities. Furthermore, anyone who receives such a gift during winter will be delighted if not grateful. You can buy it earlier to avoid the inflated prices during winter. It is impossible to miss such a gift in Nordstrom. They have a good variety of online clothes for women and men. Their return policy is amazing because they offer price adjustments.

4. Posters- Posters usually give a feeling of comfort and a better place. The right poster can make a room warm and lively, it can illuminate the walls and add to the decor. The good thing about posters is their availability. They come in different shades of paint as well as pictures. The best poster for anyone in any season is always one with a holiday beach setting (deep blue ocean water, palm trees, island sand etc). In addition, they are relatively inexpensive, below $10.

5. Shoes- Custom made or not you can easily order a shoes from Nordstrom. They are available in different colors and ink. The website has outstanding customer service and a good reputation. They have a rating of 7 at Reseller ratings including easy transactions. Nordstrom provides high quality shoes at affordable prices just remember to use the discount codes. It is a good place to shop for a perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones.


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