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How to Use Fundamental Analysis to Trade the Capital Markets

Before you begin to trade the markets and place your money at risk you should learn a few analysis techniques that will help you determine the future direction of a security. There are two main categories of analysis that are used by traders who participant in capital markets, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis. Technical analysis […]

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Update on Stocks

My article called Stocks made it to the website of Investeem! Good Job, Money Soldiers! Stocks was listed under the list, “More great posts to check out” in the Carnival of Investing #7.  Good job, Money Soldiers.  You may learn more about Investeem by clicking the link above or at right under Blogroll.  Investeem is […]

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I have been wanting to trade stocks for the longest time but I just did not know how to start.  I have been doing my research and slowly I was able to understand what stock trading was all about.  So when I recently came across BPI Trade, I found myself opening a trading account with […]

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When Working with Stocks, Trust the Professionals for the Assistance You Need

When many people think about stocks and bonds, they become confused because they think this is a difficult area to manoeuvre. Nowadays, however, that is no longer the case, thanks to a number of online directories that provide the education and information you need to become a better investor and trader. Regardless of your income […]

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Candlestick charts applicability in Trading

Trading technical analysis is based on examining past price behavior in order to find a possible next trend and to determine the volatility. In this sense, employing graphs to represent historical price data is very effective. Among different kind of charts there are: bar charts, line charts, bubble charts and candlestick charts. This last one, […]

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