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5 Best Money-Saving Tips for Small Businesses

Keeping costs down as much as possible is an important part of running a successful business.  Keeping costs down where possible allows for increases in profits and better financial allocation for key resources, expansion and so on.  However, saving money can also be tricky when you take all the overheads and external factors into consideration, […]

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Want to Badly Get Out of Debt?

Many Americans live under the specter of overwhelming debt.  According to the Federal Reserve Bank, consumer credit reporting agencies added bankruptcy notations to about 255,000 consumers’ records in the first quarter of 2015.  Currently, Americans are nearly $12 trillion in debt.  Credit card debt represents almost $900 billion of that, and student loans set American […]

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Household Must-Haves: Steps for Saving Big Money on Major Appliances

Major appliances are a large part of home convenience.  It’s so much easier to throw dishes in a washer rather than clean them by hand; a washing machine is quicker than going to a Laundromat; and, blenders conveniently chop, puree, and combine food for preparation.  However, if you haven’t noticed, the price of major appliances […]

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