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Dangers/Consequences of Misusing Government Small Business Loans From COVID Relief

As early as March of 2020, states begun to shut down private businesses in response to COVID 19. This effort was undertaken with the idea that doing so would save lives. Unfortunately, lives that were saved have come at the cost of millions of people’s livelihoods. To offset some of the financial burden that forced closures […]

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The Most Important Questions about Payday Loans Answered

More and more people nowadays look for payday loans to help them out in a financial emergency. These loans are available online, and money is sent to your account almost instantly. Plus, the loans are unsecured and don’t require credit checks. This makes them really interesting financial constructions. Another thing that attracts people to payday […]

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The Importance of Understanding Personal Finance Terms

The Importance of Understanding Personal Finance Terms According to a recent survey British people are more familiar with text speak than personal finance terms. This lack of knowledge surrounding such an important area of our lives has even lead to financial trouble for some people, due to confusing certain monetary terms we’re referring to or […]

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