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Live Your Debt Free Dreams!

Debt is never fun. It’s often one the most stressful and difficult things that a person can deal with. Not only does it put you in a financially precarious position but it also can leave you feeling constantly worried and anxious which can feed into your life in a whole number of different ways. For […]

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Dealing With Debt

Are you drowning in debt? You’re not the only one – according to recent statistics, American citizens racked up a total of $747 billion in credit card borrowing alone in 2017. It only takes one lean period to have you relying on borrowing to keep yourself afloat, and it can quickly spiral out of control. […]

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Fight Back and Win the Debt War

Sometimes it’s hard to be a Money Soldier.  You win small battles, like paying down a single credit card, but you never seem to win the war.  Every time you turn around there’s another expense – a hospital bill, new tire or friend’s wedding – ready to take all that ground you’ve gained and then […]

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