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3 Tips For Success as a Business Owner

Theoretically, anyone can open their own business, but you have to have certain skills and qualities to successfully open a business that is going to last. A successful business owner is a well-rounded, goal-oriented leader who isn’t afraid to challenge themselves. If this sounds like you, then you are in good shape. If this doesn’t […]

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So You’ve Just Become Self-employed: Here Are Some Tips To Help You Adjust

Whether by accident or design, more and more people find themselves classified as self-employed – in the US alone, around five million of us are categorized as working for ourselves. The mixture of emotions can range from exhilaration at not having to work for ‘the man’ anymore, excitement at what the future may bring, trepidation […]

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Successful Strategies for New Business Owners

Entering the business landscape as an entrepreneur can be overwhelming. Most markets are saturated, industries are extremely competitive, and there is little room for error; however, new businesses constantly arise and “make it.” As an aspiring business owner, it important to avoid some common paths of failure and focus on the strength and authenticity of […]

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Giving Back: Entrepreneurialism and Philanthropy

For many people, the words “entrepreneur” and “philanthropy” do not belong in the same sentence.  According to conventional wisdom, entrepreneurs are focused on building their own companies and even franchises.  An entrepreneurial spirit is usually understood as a savvy ability to generate your own profits through creativity and innovation; entrepreneurs are not necessarily known for […]

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