Broadband speeds are increasing at unprecedented levels in most of the world’s major markets.  This new age of high-speed Internet access is opening up a range of exciting new possibilities for companies and individuals who want to make copyrighted material available online.  Whereas consumers were once required to download music, video and data before storing them on their own devices, they can now stream digital material at the click of a button.  Digital Downloading’s exceptional streaming and digital hosting services make setting up such a facility a relatively straightforward process.


What Type of Content Providers Can Benefit from Streaming Services?

Music stores, musicians, movie retailers and data providers can all offer their customers immediate and unrestricted access to certain material with Digital Downloading’s hosting and streaming packages.  These facilities can free up precious storage space for your customers, and it can also allow them to access their material from anywhere in the world.


What are the Benefits of Digital Downloading’s Hosting and Streaming Services?

Companies and individuals can make entire catalogues of material available for streaming anywhere in the world – which has the potential to open up new and potentially lucrative markets.  To protect materials from improper use, Digital Downloading can activate digital rights management technology.  Consumers buying music can gain access to their purchase at any time, anywhere in the world.  Plus with a range of audio formats available, tracks can be listed to on a wide range of devices.

Videos, and in particular movies, can take up an enormous amount of space on smart phones, tablets and laptops.  However, Digital Downloading can store high-quality versions of your material on their own servers and make them available to download via several streaming outlets.  That video content can be protected with the latest DRM technologies, which puts copyright owners in charge of who views it and what consumers can do with it.

Digital Downloading ensures that a range of consumers can gain access to your content, as it can be made available via any standard web browser.  This allows webmasters to create eye-catching and user-friendly interfaces that showcase content in the most attractive and accessible way possible.  Access to material can be restricted on the basis of the owner’s specific requirements, but any user can be given the chance to browse – ideal for companies or individuals selling independent music.

Companies and individuals who make their intellectual property widely available on the Internet need to know that it won’t be misused, illegally distributed or stolen.  For music and video producers in particular, their copyrighted material is their biggest asset, and it needs to be protected.  However, the need for security must be weighed against the need to make it widely available in a user-friendly way.  Digital Downloading has many years of experience in hosting material for digital streaming.  They ensure that quality is maintained at all times, as well as ensuring easy access for the end user.  For companies that deal in digital material, Digital Downloading has a range of products and services for effective distribution.


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