The success of a holiday let business clearly depends on your being able to attract a sufficient number of holidaymakers – and preferably ones who look forward to returning to your holiday home year after year.

One of the ways of showing that you care for the property and the condition in which you look forward to visitors enjoying their stay may depend on your sprucing it up every now and again – but, like many an owner of holiday let accommodation, you may need to do this on a budget.

Holiday home mortgages may be attractively and competitively priced, but that does not mean that you are likely to have a lot of money to throw around in completely refurbishing the holiday let.

Here are a few tips, therefore, in helping you to stay within budget:

  • Controlling the purse strings is not a question of cutting corners, but one of monitoring just how much you are spending, the limitations and possibilities that your budget may bring, and an indication of the progress being made in the makeover;
  • Remember that a small budget for some holiday home owners might represent a large budget to others – there is no absolute price-tag, of course, but a budget that suits your particular, individual needs and circumstances;
Spruce up Your Holiday Let on a Budget

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  • Of course you are unlikely to want to overspend, but with practically every change you wish to make, there is likely to be a wide range of choices and possibilities – according to an article in the consumer magazine Which? for example, replacing your kitchen might take as little as just a thousand pounds or up to an average of more than £8,000;
  • Whatever your budget, it is worth browsing the internet for others’ ideas – property makeover guru Linda Barker, for example, has made a series of videos on just this subject, all of which are available online;
  • Most interior designers agree that the best effects are created by keeping to a single focal point for any room – it not only draws attention to that focal point, but also helps to manage costs and in so doing gives you the chance to make the very best of whatever focus you have chosen;
  • Creating that centre-piece, of course, may give you the opportunity to get your creative juices well and truly flowing – allowing you to make imaginative use of objects you might have picked up for a bargain at your local car-boot sale, at an auction or from the high street charity shop;
  • If you cannot afford to refurnish your holiday home, there is really no reason why you might not give it a whole new look simply by changing the colour scheme or introducing new textures and textiles;
  • Indeed, why not consider giving the whole home a newly decorated look, simply by applying a coat or two of paint and using wallpapers to highlight particular features?

Sprucing up your holiday home need not cost an arm and a leg.  Some might argue that the cost-free application of your own imagination and creative flair is likely to produce just as effective results – and ensure that you keep well within the tightest of budgets.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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Nick @ Millionaires Giving Money - February 16, 2015

I own a number of properties in London and I’m always looking at ways to increases rent by adding more value for the tenants. I can definitely relate to your post and just giving the property a new lick of paint can make a tremendous difference. Great post, thanks for sharing.


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