The Smartest Ways to Save

Always pay yourself first. That is the mantra of millionaires. There are not a lot of self-made wealthy people that put their food, entertainment and credit card budgets ahead of their IRA savings. That is just how it works. You always need to be looking out for your bottom line, while respectfully looking to settle your debts and keep yourself fed.

Saving is a skill that can be learned, by building better habits. Lots of people may have you believe that it is an inherent trait and babies are born as either frugal or spendthrift. The truth is that good financial instincts can be learned and honed with regular practice. Even if you were the type of kid that would never return your rented video games to Blockbuster and rack up loads of late fees, you can turn it around in adulthood. Even if you were a serial parking ticket hoarder in college and you came home with $1000 in fines for your parents to pay off, you can become a super saver when you are older.

One of keys to building a nest egg and funding your IRA is an automatic saving mechanism. No matter how you get money into your account each month, make sure to set up a regular payment into a simple savings account. That will allow you to build up an emergency fund without even thinking about it. If you are working for a regular company, every pay period when your direct deposit comes in, set an amount to go into savings. That habit will pay off over time.

Speaking of retirement, you need to start saving for that right away. There is no “too early” when it comes to retirement savings. Even if you are a 22 year old right out of college, start with your first paycheck. Get that IRA opened and start to contribute. It’s more about starting to invest rather than “how”. If you are interested in different types of investments, you can look towards services like Warrior Trading for advice and ideas. You can view their credibility simply by searching out Warrior Trading review.

When making big purchases, gather as much information as possible and wait 24 hours before making a call. When you really take a moment and think about buying non essential purchases, you end up with more money at the end of the month than not. Do you rent a movie from your cable company every Friday night for family movie night? Look to your local library for a more economical entertainment option.

How often do you go out to restaurants? Isn’t it about time that you cut back? Not every weekend needs to be a going out night. If you have kids, you are going to be paying a babysitter too. That can add up faster than you think.

Have credit card debt? Take care of that as soon as you possibly can. Cutting down your debt will help you save on interest and free up your ability to make real meaningful investments in real estate and the stock market.

No matter what income level you are at, you can get your spending under control and get your saving habit started. That is the key to bui


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