It’s become a phrase that’s heard all too often these days: “Living paycheck to paycheck.”

Unfortunately there are millions of Americans who make just enough money for their living expenses each week, but aren’t prepared to meet a sudden unexpected expense that comes their way.

Medical costs, a wedding, a new baby? Rescue One Financial can help you through such situations. Here are six reasons you should obtain a consumer loan from online lender Rescue One Financial.consumer loan approved

  1. No collateral requirements. Rescue One Financial will loan you money for a variety of needs in what is called an “unsecured’ loan. That means the customer won’t need to put up any collateral, as you do in a mortgage loan (the collateral being the home and property).
  2. No balance transfer requirements. In recent years, credit card companies have increased the fees they charge when customers transfer balances from one card to another. They have not only raised the percentages they charge, but they’ve eliminated the caps they used to place on the fees. For example, a credit card that charges a 5 percent fee to transfer a balance of $10,000 would force the customer to pay $500.
  3. No cash advance fees. Credit cards allow customers to take out cash advances as ATMs, which is essentially a short-term loan. While that can be convenient if a person lacks needed cash in his bank account, they typically come with fees that range from 2 to 5 percent. So if a credit card charges a 5 percent fee, a $500 advance would cost $25, and that’s not including ATM fees.
  4. No early payoff penalties. It might seem like paying off a loan early is a good thing, but many lenders don’t see it that way, and charge fees when this happens. They call them “exit fees,” and they make up a revenue stream that the lender charges to make up for interest income it loses because the loan has been paid off ahead of schedule.
  5. Low, fixed monthly payments. Credit cards have the legal right to change your interest rates at their pleasure, as long as they inform you ahead of time. At Rescue One Financial, we’ll commit to one low rate on a consumer loan and it won’t change, ever.
  6. Control in knowing exactly what you owe and when it will be paid off. People who take out consumer loans with Rescue One Financial not only can count on receiving the lowest interest rates available. They also can know that their monthly payment won’t change over the course of their loan repayment schedule. We’ll tell them exactly how long the loan will take to pay off.

For more information on Rescue One Financial’s personal loans, contact us today and let us get started in meeting your financial needs.

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