Road Accidents: Knowing The Costs Involved

Considering the amount of traffic on our roads these days, it is no wonder the rate of accidents is high. On average, there are around 3,287 deaths a day according to statistics, and this doesn’t take into account those who are injured. With the number of people using their car for business use, such as cab drivers, as well as personal, even the safest drivers are liable to have an accident.

The financial repercussions are high. No matter whose fault it was, there will be expenses on either side. There are ways to reduce the possibility of an accident, without avoiding driving altogether, but we should still have an idea of what costs to expect. Below are several of the potential expenses you need to be aware of after a crash.

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Medical bills

Medical bills are costly, and they will depend on the injuries involved. Obamacare ensured that more people than ever had access to affordable health insurance in the US, but there are still those who are uninsured. There are hardship exemptions when needing health care, so those in low-income situations may find the help they need. However, medical care does not stop after the initial treatment. Many people need further surgery and follow-up treatment which could take months if not years.
Should you not be at fault in the accident, you can file a personal injury claim with your insurance provider to receive the proper compensation. However, proving you weren’t negligent, especially if you are a motorcyclist, can be difficult. The lawyers at Parnall Law Firm are equipped to help people struggling with getting compensation, and that includes helping families recover damages after a fatality.

Car costs

For starters, the repair costs for a car will be high, especially if the insurance company doesn’t foot the bill. In some cases, the accident will mean the car can no longer be used, so alternative transport will need to be found. Those people suffering from a serious injury may also need to modify their car, as well as their home, to continue functioning as normal a life as possible.

Higher insurance rates

In most cases, if you are responsible for a car accident, you can expect to see your insurance premium rise. You don’t have to stick with the same insurance company, but chances are, should you have been negligent, the premium rates won’t fluctuate massively. However, a clean driving record will help. If the accident was only minor, your premium might not increase too highly.

Loss of income

Following the accident, there may be reason to take a prolonged period of time away from work. Some employers will continue to pay their employee for a set time, but this grace period won’t go on forever. They might also leave the doors open for the employee to return to work in the future, but a long term injury means most people will lose their jobs. Injury lawyers are available to help people recover compensation from lost wages, but there is still the possibility of further hardship if the injury means finding further employment will be difficult.


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