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Rich One Second, Broke The Next: Staying Up To Speed With Ever-Changing Markets

When it comes to passive income, few things work better than trading. What else would allow you to work your day job while making big bucks? When you consider the benefits offered by a sideline like this, it’s a wonder everyone doesn’t get on board.
They don’t, of course, and that’s primarily because of a fear of leaving with less than they put in. A reasonable fear when you consider many who do try their hand here end up losing large sums. But, should that be enough to keep you from your full earning potential? We don’t think so. That’s why we’re going to consider one of the most common reasons traders fail. While these reasons vary, the speed with which markets change is often where investors fall. A market which looks beautiful in the morning could come crashing down within an hour if you aren’t careful.

This applies whether you’re embarking on currency trading or stocks and shares. Markets move fast, and you’ll lose money if you aren’t willing to move with them. But, hang on. Didn’t we say you could achieve success while working full-time? We did, and we stand by that. We understand that not everyone can sit in front of their computers and crunch the numbers all day. But, by implementing the following methods, you could keep on top regardless.

Take trading with you

Long gone are the days when trading meant sitting at a computer, unable to move for fear of a sudden drop. Now, apps like Robinhood ensure you can take trading wherever you go. Your mobile will be right there with you, after all. Of course, even apps can’t help you during a big business meeting. But, when you’re working at your desk, you’ll be able to check the market anytime you fancy. You can even set this up to alert you to any sudden changes. That would leave you free to rescue your funds right before a market collapses.

Keep an eye on the trading news

While sudden collapses do happen, they aren’t as common as you may think. In the majority of cases, there will at least be some sign beforehand of trouble to come. The best way to get a sniff at these issues would be to follow the trading news. Outlets like the Financial Times or Bloomberg can tell you near enough anything you need to know about potential danger zones. By checking these at least once a day, you can avoid that unpleasant element of surprise.

Know what other people are doing

Even if you keep an eye on news, you could benefit from getting to know fellow traders. Those who’ve been doing this for a while could spot a potential crash even the news fails to cover. By communicating with fellow traders on forums like The Baby Pips, you’ll be able to gain some fantastic know-how about how to trade successfully. On top of that, this could become the difference between losing everything or doubling your money.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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