The Reviving British Cities That Are Ripe For Property Investment

With the recent vote for Brexit, many thought the UK had turned away from the opportunities of business in the EU trading bloc. However, so far this just has not been the case, with many business reports showing not just stability but also growth. Investments are still carrying on, and manufacturers have actually decided to build more factories. Regardless of the vote, British cities up and down the nation, which was once stagnant and even, desolate, are being revived with new hopes of jobs and infrastructure. Many people are willing to relocate when it comes to finding their desired job. No longer, is the workforce largely staying put, but now, wherever the best job is, the highest salary, they’re willing to move their whole life for it. This is the right time for the savvy investor to get in on the deal by buying properties to let. The key is, of course, location, because of the highest amount of human traffic, also means accessibility.

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A northern powerhouse

Manchester is fast overtaking Leeds for the most active and popular city in the north of England. It’s like a capital city, yet it’s not as rushed, the hustle and bustle are kept to a controllable level, and the people are very friendly. The real estate opportunities in this city are vast, and it’s been dubbed the ‘buy-to-let hotspot’ of Great Britain by large bank HSBC. Although it has a population of half a million, the city and residential areas don’t feel crowded at all. Families, singles, professionals, university students and virtually anybody can find their ideal buy to let properties in Manchester. It’s the right time to invest in the city as HS2 is more than likely to link bankers and large multinational companies situated in the south of England, to the north.

property investment

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Boost for Bristol

Bristol is a well-known city that has produced many world class athletes for Team GB, but now, it’s the home of the e-commerce giant Amazon. Just recently, Amazon has made offered 1000 new permanent jobs and bolstered their facility in the city. The surrounding area is fit for young professionals and seasoned manufacturing workers to move in. The house prices may have fallen, but still not enough to lure in buyers who want to raise their family in them. However, the market has shown interest, so working together with a real estate agent, you can tip the consumer interest over the edge, by renting out family homes. The culture is great as the city has a flourishing harbour, the nightlife is great for families and the love for the sport is intoxicating. The university is known for one of the best sport science courses anywhere in the country and indeed in Europe. There are also great daycare centres for children, and the public transport system is reliable.

Whichever part of the country you want to invest in, the property market is controlled by the economy. These two cities are going through their ‘boom phase’ and don’t look like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon. Now is the right time to invest in buy-to-let properties as the market is willing to pay a little extra than it would for apartments if renters can have the luxury of living in their own home.


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