With all the avenues available to today’s marketing professionals, from digital formats and social media to the tried and true television ad and even bumper stickers, it may seem a daunting task to decide where to spend your advertising dollars for the biggest return on investment.  The services of a retail ad agency can be a timely investment to help your message move through the clutter and get noticed by the right people.


Retail Ad Agency

A retail ad agency is a specialised service that makes it a point of knowing and understanding the value of the latest trends in advertising.  It can help guide you to what would be best suited for your particular needs and keep you from wasting money on trends that seem up-to-date and inexpensive, but that may not reach your intended audience.  A quality retail ad agency will help you define your goals at the outset, whether it be increasing traffic to your website or brick-and-mortar store, developing lasting relationships with your clients, or increasing sales.

Once the goal is established, the experts in the retail ad agency will take it upon themselves to research the latest trends to seek the perfect fit with the perfect audience that would be receptive to your message.  After all, a trend is only a trend if you get points for creativity, but no one remembers the point of the ad.


Recent Trends

One recent trend your retail ad agency may investigate is the increasing move toward online video consumption.  In fact, the money spent on conventional advertising has been dropping by billions of dollars for the past few years.  Instead, traffic has been going to online videos, whether on an individual site or a streaming location like YouTube.  The increase can be seen across the board, whether you are counting unique viewers, time per viewer, total streams, or streams per viewer.

The audience for this new digital form tends to be younger, more in the 18-34 market group.  Your retail ad agency will have to consider this as well as the need for producing a video that is creative and worthy of watching.  These are not simply online versions of TV ads.

However, online programming is leaving open the possibility of TV-like 30 second ad buys.  Your retail ad agency should be fully aware of this trend, which has a new generation of viewers flocking to the computer to watch original, practically unregulated “webisodes” of such shows as Carl’s Lock, available on SuperDeluxe.  Once the buy is locked, you can use social media and other inexpensive means to move traffic to the program.  One of these means may be through expert blogging, which continues to be a dynamic way of communicating with customers and potential customers.

As proof that everything old is new again, your retail ad agency may be handling more requests for the old fashioned sticker as a way to put promotional information forward.  Because digital printing technology has made sticker printing ever less expensive, the old-style method of making your message stick is making a comeback.


Whether it considers old or new trends, a retail ad agency should be well-versed in the myriad of ways to get your message to the right audience.  It also should have the techniques to measure the success and ROI, so you can take those results to the bank.  Click for ad agency information for retail businesses and learn about how the latest trends can benefit your business.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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