Reduce the Costs of Moving with These Easy to Follow Tips

Though you may be excited about getting to your new place, you’re stressed above the move. Not only is there a lot that needs to be done, but the cost of relocating seems to be more than your already tight budget can handle. Fortunately, you’re not the first person to struggle with the expense, and with a bit of creativity and planning, you can significantly reduce your costs. Here are some examples below:

Move in the Winter

If you weren’t aware, you should be aware of peak moving times. Most families, in particular, like to relocate their families during the summer so as not to disrupt the school year for their children. If you want to save on moving costs, it is recommended that you move when it is least popular – in the winter. Scheduling your move for mid-month and mid-week can also help to reduce your out of pocket costs.

Get Insurance

It might sound crazy that a way to save money on moving is to spend more money on insurance, however, it is quite the contrary. Moving insurance, often offered by companies like North American Van Lines offers financial protection and coverage for their customers. Should something be damaged during the move, if you don’t have insurance, you’d be required to replace it from your own pocket.

Consider Where You’re Moving

Did you know that where you move has a lot to do with how much you’ll pay for moving costs? Those who live in rural areas tend to have lower expenses than those who don’t. If you haven’t quite sealed the deal on your move just yet, you may want to give the location a thought. Perhaps moving just a town or two over would save you money on the move and cost of living.

Find Free Moving Supplies

You may think that paying a few bucks for boxes and tape won’t add up, however, before you know it, you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on moving supplies. Before you pay for them, it is best to look for free options. Asking friends and family members to give you empty boxes, taking an empty file and copy paper boxes from work, and even looking around dumpsters behind stores can all give you free moving boxes. You can also reduce costs by placing smaller items inside of larger ones and using linens to protect your fragile items.

Sell What You Don’t Want

If a moving company comes to do an in-house assessment and sees a ton of things they have to pack and load, they’re going to charge you more as it is going to take them more time and more manpower to get the task done. To reduce this charge, you need to get rid of things you’re not using anymore. A great way to boost your moving budget would be to ask a neighbor to sell the things you don’t want at their next yard sale and give you a percentage. You can also donate them and write it off on your taxes.

Stay with Family

Are you planning a long distance move? If so, you’re probably going to need to make stops in-between your old home and the new one. Rather than staying at a hotel, try and drive a route that will place you near a family member or friend. You can stay the night with them for free or at the very least a lot less than it would cost for a hotel.

Move Smaller Things Yourself

If you have smaller items that can be placed in your personal vehicle it is worth considering. As you are charged by the load, reducing that load by taking some things on your own can save you a ton of money.

Moving is supposed to be an exciting new venture in a person’s life. Although a stressful and sometimes costly process, it can be done without going insane or over budget. Get organized by creating a moving list of all the things you have to do. Then review the list for ways to cut down on the time or money such as those mentioned above. This should help you to reduce moving costs significantly.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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