Four Mistakes You Should Avoid for Your eCommerce Website

More than 70 percent of consumers believe they are going to get a better deal by using the Internet to shop instead of visiting traditional stores, according to  This type of demand requires eCommerce business owners to make sure that their websites are always functioning properly without any persistent errors or issues.  There are several errors that seem to become roadblocks for many eCommerce owners that can actually be easily removed from the equation.

No Detailed Product Descriptions

One of the worst things that you can do is have an eCommerce website that has a surplus of products but a deficit when it comes to the details provided for those products.  Keep in mind that your customers aren’t going to be able to enjoy the convenience and full shopping experience online that they would in a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

Over 20 percent of consumers abandon online shopping carts and websites completely because of the site not providing enough information, such as shipping costs, according to Savvy Panda.  Therefore, one of the best eCommerce tips to follow is to make sure you provide them with as much information about your products online so you won’t have to worry about leaving the door open for your visitors to slip straight through.

No Product Reviews and Testimonials

Your new customers have to be able to read and review what your old customers have already said about your company as well as your products.  Nearly 70 percent of your potential customers are going to search for product reviews, ratings and testimonials that have been posted and published on your website before they decide to finalize their purchase.

Therefore, by not maintaining an expanding list of these updated reviews, you are closing the door of opportunity for a lot of future sales.  As an added bonus and another great addition to your list of eCommerce tips, you need to keep in mind that webpages and websites consisting of product and service reviews are able to make it towards the first page of search results much sooner than websites without them, according to KISS Metrics.

No Unique Titles

Another mistake that can do more harm than good for your eCommerce website is the lack of unique titles.  There are too many website designers and online content developers that duplicate their title tags simply because of the fact that they have become a little too focused on quantity and not enough quality while following other eCommerce tips, make sure that you strive to keep each title tag unique from one another, avoiding identical values by any means necessary.  Even when you are selling duplicate items, the key is to develop unique key phrases in order to allow the searcher to still view it all as unique content instead of duplicated content that should be ignored.

Excessive Shipping Costs and Fees

Making a profit is a top priority when running an eCommerce website, but you need to strive to ensure that your focus on profit doesn’t stunt your growth as a business overall.  When it comes to setting competitive pricing for your products, stopping at the sales price doesn’t count.  The same study from Savvy Panda showed that over 66 percent of consumers will abandon a shopping cart simply because of shipping costs being either too high or not clearly mentioned upfront.

You will be able to close more sales and win the trust of more customers simply by being upfront and honest with them when it comes to shipping costs and other expenses that need to be factored into their final sales price.  By making the choice to not follow these eCommerce tips, you might not be able to fully optimize your website; thereby affecting your overall business.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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S. Randax - January 7, 2014

This is a really great article. Some of them we have all learned the hard way, but this is really great. Awesome post! Thanks!

    Arnel Ariate - January 8, 2014

    Hi, Shawn. Thank you for visiting us here in Money Soldiers. 🙂


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