Online and Offline Marketing Advice

To grow your business in the modern day, it can seem like you need a qualification in marketing. But small businesses should take comfort in the fact that some basic research will give you the tools required to grow your company. Here we are going to take a look at two different styles of advertising, and what they have to offer you.

Digital Marketing

We will start with new technology and what it offers you. First and foremost when it comes to marketing online, you should be aware of search engine optimization (SEO) and how to utilize it. SEO is how you affect the visibility of your website elsewhere online, specifically in search engine results. There are several ways to prepare your site for this process; they include researching and using keywords.

Keywords refers to the key words and phrases in your content which help people find your website via search engines. To help you build a greater keyword dictionary, there are free tools online including one from Google themselves which help you find the most relevant keywords thus helping to boost your web traffic. This is just one aspect of SEO but could be considered the most important. Without keywords in your web content, then you are unlikely to feature highly in any search engine results. You can see already how that is a negative, and this is an indication of why perfecting your SEO is the way to start any digital marketing campaign.

In addition to SEO, you will more than likely want to consider social media advertising. On the face of it, this seems like a logical step. Setting up accounts on these websites is free, and you should be able to start targeting potential customers immediately. However, before you start any form of social media work you should understand that each network has its own uses and benefits. Don’t waste your time creating YouTube and Instagram accounts if you don’t know how to use a camera for example. Take the time to learn the different benefits of the numerous social media sites to benefit your strategy in the long term.

Offline Marketing

Offline promotion is the more traditional way of selling your company to new clients. You will be more familiar with these processes because they have been around for as long as marketing itself. Full page adverts, leafleting, public speaking etc. are all demonstrations of advertising your company offline. The key thing to consider here is how much you are spending. If you are attending an event and find yourself buying convention displays, for example, make sure you are making a cost-effective purchase. The same goes for any print ups you are keen to get for your company. It is important not to forget the offline world when it comes to your promo, but be cautious that it could cost more than digital.

Online is newer and therefore more appealing. But offline is tried and tested so should not be ignored. A healthy balance between the two will help you grow your company to the next level.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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