New Ways To Save Money In 2016

We’re getting towards the summer. And for most people, this is the peak-saving season. Christmas is long gone, and we’ve got plenty of paychecks in the bank. And we’re getting ourselves ready to splurge, come the winter, all over again.

Granted, saving money isn’t exactly what it used to be. Rock bottom interest rates have made it pretty unpalatable for most. But with that said, there are always plenty of ways to save money, even if saving money isn’t all that fun anymore.

Here’re some of the ways you can save in 2016.

Go To Your Local Pay As You Go Gym

Remember back in 2014 when you had to pay a gym a monthly membership to join. Remember how that monthly membership cost you about half of your disposable income? Well that’s all changed.

Some clever entrepreneurs realized that locking people into a 12-month contract for services they wouldn’t use was bad. Thanks to them, we’ve seen the rise of pay as you go gyms. The idea has proven so effective that the existing gyms have had to get on board. Now a third of them are offering similar deals and giving people flexibility.

Pay, as you go gyms, are often a lot cheaper because you only pay for what you get. So check them out.

Use Coupons

The word coupon might sound like something from the era of rationing. But, thanks to lower incomes, they’re back.

Now coupon companies are collecting up the all the deals in the local area and putting them in handy little coupon books. The new Auchan catalogs are just one example of this trend. There are potentially hundreds of dollars to be saved each year by buying mainly when things are on offer.

Get Discount Cinema Tickets

2016 has already seen a good number of blockbuster films. And, thanks to Disney buying the Star Wars franchise, we’re going to get at least one more this year.

That means that a lot of us are going to be returning to the cinema. Cinema tickets aren’t exactly cheap these days. And with the end of EE’s 2 for 1 offer, the end of cheap tickets seems to have come to an end.

But not so fast. Though prices might be going up for adults, prices for families are staying low. Kids tagging along can get into Cineworld for a fraction of the price of a full ticket. In fact, most big chains have similar deals.

Enter Free Lotteries

We all want to win big. But it’s annoying having to fork out £2 each week just for the privilege of losing. Wouldn’t it be great is there was a free lottery you could enter?

Well, now there is. There are many free lotteries you can play online. And many of them promise to make you a millionaire.

Ditch The Car

Cars are expensive to run. Every year insurance premiums and tax go up. And, although we’ve had a bit of a hiatus, so too will fuel. Save money by going green and crowdsourcing a lift instead

Find More Ways To Save

Saving money can be tricky and we tend to spend on stuff we don’t even realize we’re spending on. This article from CC Bank, shows my point exactly by giving tips about saving money that can’t be found anywhere else.

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