Mind hacks to avoid common trading mistakes

Imagine you are returning home in the late night and there is no transportation on the road. So, you have to go on foot. There is a part of the road which is right between spooky forests. When you are walking through the forest, your body is shivering with fear. The noise from the forest making things worse. But when you think and try to motivate your head that there is nothing to afraid, you will pass that part of the road really easily. You may not even notice the distance you have crossed.

This technique also helps in trading and any other workplace. If you can motivate your brain from avoiding the mistakes or fear, you can improve your trading really easily without worrying about the mistakes.

Making profit doesn’t require a lot of trading

You don’t need to trade a lot to make money from in Forex. This is a common mistake among the novice traders that they think too frequent trades will help them make profits. But the result of too frequent trade is the complete opposite. When you are a beginner in trading, normally you don’t know too much about your working environment. So, it is usual for you to make a wrong decision while you are opening or closing a trade. You can pass it with a little amount of loss. But, when you are trading a simultaneously, there is a good chance that you executed those trades at the wrong time. As a result, all of those trades will cost you a lot more than a single losing trade.

If you research properly, you can understand there is no need for frequent trading to make profits. You just have to place them (trades) in the right position of the market. And for that, you need skill and knowledge.

Be prepare to lose trade

When it comes to currency trading business, you have a lot to learn from the seniors. All successful Aussie traders at Rakuten broker know losing is just a part of this profession. Sadly, rookie traders don’t want to embrace losing trades. They always thinking to win is extremely easy and executing a trade with high risk is the only way to earn huge amount of money. Focus on the core factors of risk management and you will be able to make tons of money.

Control your cash flow

Another mistake that forces traders to end their trading career is investing too much. As mentioned earlier, your capital is mostly unstable when you join the trading business. It means that you can lose all of your money unless you play fair with your trading edge. You can divide your investment into multiple little segments and trade with them. If you want to go for a trade that is larger than your investment, you can take the advantage of leverage. Traders take up to 1:100+ leverage for their trades.

If you follow this path, you will not lose too much money in the beginning. Thus, you can concentrate on the experience and knowledge without worrying about your capital too much. But don’t even dare to think about putting all of your savings into your trades.

Aim for the training

One of the main brain hack for being a successful trader is focusing on the experience rather than the money. If you aim for the money your act will be based on the present condition. And if you aim for the development of your skill and knowledge of trading, you will prepare yourself for the future. And, that won’t take too much time to happen either. So, make your choice wisely and work on it.

Trading is all about psychology. If you can control your emotions and trade this market with discipline, you will never have to worry about your financial freedom. So work hard to develop your mentality.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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