MegaTypers Metamorphosed Into ProTypers

MegaTypers is Now ProTypers

This is an update on my past article, MegaTypers.  I received payment of $5.51 from Zombie Software Development which MegaTypers owed me.  I was not expecting this payment at all because as announced in their website, their PayPal payment has been limited for verification since September 3, 2012.  I received the payment on Oct 17, 2012, see my PayPal proof of payment below:

MegaTypers Paypal Payment Proof

Upon receipt of payment, I checked MegaTypers’ website and I found things, very strange things.  They still have the PayPal limited for verification announcement and they now changed their name to ProTypers.  MegaTypers is very shady with all the change of names and PayPal issues that they have and I would advice everyone to keep themselves away from MegaTypers which is now called ProTypers.  My dear Money Soldiers, heed my advice.  Avoid MegaTypers/ProTypers.  Run for your lives!

MegaTypers Metamorphosed Into ProTypers

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suresh - April 26, 2014

i cannot received money from last month 4$ pls send details for my email id i workt to megatypers captcha work

chris - November 8, 2015

I too just received a payment from pro typers after about 2 years of being inactive. It was very strange because my account at pro typers shows no activity.


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