In today’s digital age, it’s easier to generate income without going out of the house. The Internet has offered various kinds of income generating opportunities and they are all with everyone’s reach.

In recent years, online businesses are one of the fastest-growing industries in a global scheme, which can  generate substantial income. E-commerce, customer support and even blogging are some of the thriving businesses online. But how exactly did these media generate money?

Build your website

Before you can generate income, you must first comply if the necessary requirement—that being a website. Learn how to make a website by following the tips below:

Define your goal

Ask yourself, what is your goal? Your goal will help you establish your foundation and will help you make changes if things does not align with your goal.

Select a target market

Who is your target audience? Take some time to consider the following when you decide to start with your web design: demographics, gender and interest of your target market. Improve SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is used in making your website visible in search engines like Google. To improve your SEO, use keywords or key phrases. For example, if you have a restaurant in Los Angeles, use keywords like best restaurant in LA. These may improve the visibility of your website in search engines and will increase its traffic. Be sure to avoid Keyword Stuffing, though as people do not want to be overwhelmed that way.

Make money through your website

Once you’ve set your website and it’s in full action, you can start generating money. Here are some of the different ways on how to get income through websites:


Selling advertising space is the most popular form of making money though a website. You are paid either through each click the viewer make in the ad, paid per time frame, or paid per 1000 views. Google AdSense, a paid-per-click scheme, is the most common form of advertising. Though income is guaranteed, user-experience is less.

Selling Products and Services

Selling products and services on your website is highly profitable. When you do, don’t forget to create testimonials on the page. You can collect payments through an online payment system like PayPal. However, if you choose this, income is not permanent because customers are not always there all the time.

Try Affiliate Marketing

You can do affiliate marketing service for merchants who will ask you to promote and sell their products or services directly or indirectly through your website. There are some who will ask you to put a good word about their product/services. This is a great source of passive income as you will earn commission.

Create a Newsletter and Email Lists

Creating email lists and newsletters are an efficient marketing strategy that will help your website in building a solid brand as well as creating solid readers.

Explore Tutoring Programs

You can build a website that offers mentoring programs to its members. Some people choose to learn online, like studying Spanish or how to write effectively.  You can teach through text articles or use audio or video materials.

Sell Websites

This may be the last resort, but it offers a great deal of money. Either you can create a website and sell it or buy a website, give it a facelift and sell it for profit.

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