One of the nicest things about traveling to Southeast Asia on business is that your desire to keep the costs affordable is shared by most other travelers from the countries in the region.  In fact, it is looked upon in many ways as a sign of competence if you are able to find the best value in a hotel room.

The market has thus far responded pretty well to customer requests.  There are a range of business hotels in cities throughout Southeast Asia that provide solid accommodations for a reasonable price.

Here are some of the best ways to save on hotels and other costs when you are in different parts of Southeast Asia:



One of the premier business travel destinations, Singapore can get a little expensive because demand is so high.  Nonetheless, business class hotels abound near the center of the downtown area, which puts in good shape to visit your clients in any part of the island.  For specifics on affordable hotels in Singapore, it is a good idea to visit a site like Hipmunk that focuses on providing useful information on key business travel cities in Southeast Asia.  If you are interested in saving money on meals while you are there, eating at outdoor Hawker Center usually provides you with a lot of choice at a reasonable cost.

Making Business Travel Affordable in Southeast Asia

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is very spread out and so if time is money, staying close to where you plan to do business is a good idea.  With the growth of industry across the old border, if your business is with clients in Guangzhou, then it makes sense to stay there instead of Hong Kong because you might find that you get more value for the money that you are paying.  Taxis are pretty efficient and not that expensive, but if you are negotiating for other personal services or business services, being selective about the vendors that you work with will help keep prices down.



Bangkok is one of the up and coming manufacturing areas in Southeast Asia.  Because it receives so many tourists, you should have no problem finding accommodation within your budget.  Pedicabs are less expensive than Taxis there, but they are not as safe when you are on a main thoroughfare.  Because food prices are not expensive by the standards of most companies, you should be able to enjoy yourself more than you do in other countries with some of the world’s best cuisine.


Business travel in Southeast Asia can be a rewarding experience, especially if you are from outside the region.  By pre-planning with a trusted website as an aid that provides unique details on the cities that you plan to visit, the logistics of your visit should be enhanced.


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